From Sweet To Sublime

AMS sampled an exquisite Afternoon Tea complete with lush pastries and artisan drinks at EllaMia.

On entering EllaMia at Mondrian Doha, we were enveloped in an atmosphere that could only be described as whimsically luxurious. The first impression was a blend of contemporary elegance and fantasy. Surreal white tree-like sculptures reached up to the ceiling, their branches cradling oversized, cloud-like forms that seemed to float in the air. The floor, a pristine white, reflected the whimsy above, creating an endless dreamscape.

Surreal Setting

Drenched in natural light, the room was bordered by sheer curtains, softening the outside world into a tranquil backdrop. Grand chandeliers hung with a dignified grace, casting a warm glow that highlighted the modernity of the crisp white decor and the pastel hues that whispered behind the alcoves. The juxtaposition of traditional luxury with modern design elements created a serene ambience – cool, composed, yet brimming with a subtle energy.

As we admired the charming interiors, a smiling waitress offered us refreshments, including a delightful iced latte, infused with sweet caramel, and an invigorating glass of iced sparkling water. We noticed a selection of various coffees and teas on offer, each promising its own unique taste, from robust espressos to fragrant leaves.

Savoury Sensations

The indulgence commenced with an exquisitely crafted organic egg sandwich. The eggs, light and delicately seasoned, harboured a creamy core nestled between slices of artisanal bread, soft and yielding to the bite. The Tuna Niçoise sandwich, a reinvention of the classic, had flakes of tuna twirling with crisp greens and a zesty dressing in a delicate waltz of flavours on our palates. Providing a pause of freshness, the cucumber mint cream sandwich came through like a breath of cool air, with garden-fresh cucumbers and a mint-infused cream spread that whispered of morning freshness and purity.

Continuing our journey, the haloumi and tomato burger was a lively ensemble of chewy, briny cheese and succulent tomato slices, each ingredient singing in a zestful harmony within a perfectly soft bun. The jerk chicken bun was an adventurous melody of spices, a carnival of smoky flavours that emboldened our senses. And the barbecue beef and red croissant was an artistic reimagining, where the tender beef, marinated in a smoky barbecue blend, was tenderly enveloped by flaky, butter-rich pastry, a combination so deeply satisfying it promised to linger in our memories.

As we relished each bite, our friendly server, Joses, gracefully detailed each dish, enhancing our appreciation with the stories behind the ingredients and their preparation. Around our table, a delicate scattering of rose petals added a touch of romance to the setting, their subtle fragrance mingling with the aromas of freshly prepared food. Nearby, the joyful echo of a children’s party, complete with colourful balloons and laughter, infused the air with a celebratory spirit.

Sweet Surrender

Our unhurried stroll through the array of sweets began with the vanilla cheesecake. Its consistency was as smooth as satin, and the delicate hint of vanilla essence lingered seductively with every forkful. It was a celebration of simplicity, melting effortlessly on our tongues with a finesse that left us yearning for more.

The chocolate cake cup layers were a choreography of textures, from a wafer-thin crust to a mousse-like centre, each stratum promising a deeper descent into the cocoa bean’s most intoxicating notes.

Amongst these rich tastes, the Yogurt and Ginger Lollipop emerged as a playful interlude, a delightful zing of ginger cutting through the creamy yoghurt. The Berry Dome was a jubilant celebration of fruit at its peak, the vibrant burst of summer berries encased in a delicate shell, offering a jubilee of sweet and tart notes that sang in harmonious concert with each bite.

The raspberry tart was a tribute to the fruit’s natural allure, its crisp, buttery base a golden throne upon which rested a crown of ruby-red raspberries, their tart sweetness exalted in a divine communion with the light sugar glaze that glistened atop them.

And as if in a final moment of dessert finesse, the chocolate mousse presented itself with the lightness of a cloud at dusk, a delicate poise of chocolate that seemed to vanish like a beautiful dream upon contact. This was closely followed by the Lamington Cake, a nostalgic nod to a cherished classic, with its sponge heart tenderly embraced by a coconut flurry, transporting us to a place where each soft crunch was not just a taste, but a journey to lands of sun, sea and adventure.

The curtain call for this impressive performance was marked by the arrival of warm, fresh scones. The plain variety spoke softly to our senses, their tenderness and gentle heat enveloping us in homely comfort. Their raisin-laden cousins offered a contrasting experience, with each bite dotted with plump, sweet raisins that added a delightful chew. These scones reached their zenith when adorned with a dollop of fresh cream, rich and sumptuous, and a smear of homemade blueberry jam, its vibrant fruitiness crafted in-house. Together, they formed a triumvirate of textures and sensations – fluffy, juicy and smooth – that brought our afternoon tea to a gratifying and resplendent close.

EllaMia is an enchanting destination, perfect for bringing visiting family to bask in its whimsical charm, celebrating special occasions against its luxurious backdrop or simply unwinding with friends amidst its serene ambience. The diversity of its menu offerings provides ample fodder for conversation, igniting the senses and imagination alike. Whether it’s the heartwarming scones that remind you of home or the adventurous spices that transport you across oceans, EllaMia has a way of marking moments with an indelible grace. ✤