talabat introduces talabat mart, the region’s leading q-commerce provider in Qatar

talabat, the region’s leading food and grocery delivery app recently announced the launch of talabat mart in Qatar. talabat mart is the organisation’s Quick Commerce (q-commerce) concept, delivering groceries to customers within 30 minutes, 24/7.

Q-commerce is talabat’s next big play in defining how customers order online, and aims to revolutionise the grocery delivery market. Operating differently to traditional bricks and mortar supermarkets, talabat’s q-commerce store, talabat mart, does not have a shopfront, and is delivery-only. This allows the concept to focus on rapid order fulfillment, more shelf space for a wider variety, safety and affordability.

talabat mart, which was launched in Kuwait late last year, has started operations in three locations in Doha and is eyeing quick expansion in order to widen its delivery area to be able to service more customers.

Francisco De Sousa, Managing Director of talabat Qatar, believes this is a watershed moment for grocery delivery in Qatar, with talabat mart being the major point of difference in a competitive market.

‘Just as we redefined food delivery, today, we are revolutionising grocery delivery as well! talabat mart is the next big innovation for grocery delivery in Qatar. The ability to have your groceries delivered in 30 minutes, 24/7 and with free delivery, is unparalleled and no other service can offer this.‘

Keeping in mind that safety remains the top priority in the community, talabat makes sure that all staff who are picking groceries at the warehouse, as well as our riders wear masks, gloves and use sanitisers – as well as have their temperature checked – and fully disinfect and sanitize stores regularly.