Reaching Culinary Heights

AMS discovered a destination that wove culinary expertise with an arresting panorama of the city at Park Hyatt’s Sora Sky Brunch.

Warmly greeted on our arrival, we were ushered to our table which nestled snugly by the expansive windows, affording us the luxury of a view that seemed to stretch into infinity.

Suspended above us, a canopy of pink glass lighting cast a soft, welcoming glow, reminiscent of the tender hues of a sunset embracing the city skyline. This feature, bold yet elegant, hovered like a modern tapestry of light, adding a gentle luminescence to our gathering.

The restaurant’s interior was a wash of purples and mauves cascading across the feature wall, giving a sense of regal sophistication. The gleaming surfaces of the buffet stations reflected a mosaic of colours and the gentle clinking of cookware from the open kitchen provided a rhythmic backdrop to the murmur of convivial conversations, creating an atmosphere that was at once vibrant and soothing.

Starters to Savour

The journey began with the Robata offerings where the beef tenderloin, seared to perfection, whispered tales of smoke and fire with each bite. Alongside, the chicken, bathed in a sticky teriyaki marinade, performed a delicate dance of sweet and savoury flavours that lingered seductively on the tongue.

Adjacent to this, the seafood delights showcased the ocean’s bounty. Ceviche sparkled with bright citrus notes that cut through the silky textures of fresh fish, while sashimi slices lay in sublime tenderness, each a silent ode to the sea. Sushi rolls, meticulous in their construction, presented a complex mosaic of taste and tradition. At the salad bar, a range of options spread out before us. However, it was the Caesar Salad that stood out, featuring perfectly crisp lettuce leaves dressed with a creamy dressing and topped with shaved parmesan, refreshing the palate between richer tastes. The bread and cheese selections invited indulgence with the earthy aromas of aged cheeses and the comforting embrace of freshly baked bread.

Beats and Bites

Adding to the vibrancy of the atmosphere, a DJ and saxophonist synergised their talents to fill the air with lively, rhythmic beats and smooth, soulful melodies. Their performances energised the space, weaving a tapestry of sound that brought the dining experience to life.

In between renditions of hit songs, we moved on to the hot starter section, featuring gyoza-style dumplings. A masterful blend of chicken and scallion filled each dumpling, steamed to tender perfection then finished with a light fry on the underbelly, offering a tantalising contrast – the crisp exterior giving way to an explosion of flavour within. Accompanying these, the mixed tempura continued to surprise, with vegetables and shrimp maintaining a perfect balance of crispy exteriors and succulent interiors, providing a delightful textural journey.

The dining experience was further elevated by a theatrical touch from the kitchen. The chef personally delivered French oysters to our table, the shells nestled in a bed of dry ice that billowed smoke around them, captivating us with both the visual spectacle and the exquisite freshness.

Throughout the feast, the diligent and cheerful staff ensured a seamless dining experience, regularly topping up drinks and swiftly clearing plates with a smile. Their attentiveness added an extra layer of comfort to the brunch.

Signature Servings

Next, it was time to sample the main courses. The brisket, slow-cooked to sublime tenderness, was a love letter to the art of patience, carved on request and accompanied by creamy mash and sautéed vegetables that grounded the dish in homely comfort. The sweet and sour chicken dazzled with its vibrant glaze, a lively spectacle of tangy and sweet notes pirouetting on the palate. Meanwhile, the pepper beef, robust and fervent, paired with stir-fried rice, offered a hearty embrace, its spicy notes warming the soul.

Al Fresco Charm

Outside our window, the entertainment extended to a captivating terrace that showcased stunning views of the Corniche. Diners ventured out to take in the breathtaking scenery. The terrace overlooked dhows gently floating in the bay, their sails a picturesque contrast against the turquoise waters. The city skyline rose majestically in the background, set against a clear sky, providing a dynamic and inspiring setting that engaged all the senses.

Sheer Dessert Decadence

The dessert selections provided a gentle descent into sweetness. Baked yoghurt with raspberry crumble juxtaposed cool, creamy textures with tart, crispy crumble, creating a rustic yet sophisticated dialogue of flavours. The crème brûlée, with its hardened caramel top, offered a satisfying crack before yielding to the silky custard beneath, a moment of culinary catharsis.

Chocolate macarons and high-quality chocolate bites closed the evening, their rich velvetyness lingering as a fond farewell, a reminder of the afternoon’s decadent delights.

Reflecting on our experience, it’s clear that Sora captures the essence of a modern brunch. There was a harmonious blend of guests – families sharing laughter over shared plates, couples having intimate conversations and individuals of all ages, each finding their own rhythm in the lively, yet never overwhelming, ambience. The attentive service, which flowed as seamlessly as the conversation, allowed us to fully immerse ourselves without a care. What truly set it apart, however, was its ability to allow diners to pause and appreciate the stunning city views. It’s rare to find a place that feels both expansive and intimate, yet Sora managed this with effortless grace. ✤