Simran Kapoor samples the flavoursome delights on La Casa Twenty-Eight’s new breakfast menu.

Nestled in the heart of the Pearl’s Medina Centrale; we find ourselves set for a mid-week morning indulgence at La Casa Twenty-Eight. A recent FACT Dining Award winner as the Favourite Mediterranean Restaurant of the year, it offers guests nothing less than a palate pleasing journey. And with their newest breakfast menu addition – you’re in for a treat!

The ambience is a tasteful blend of modern and classic styles – a brightly lit, sprawling space with soft velvet seating, elegant white walls, a high ceiling which brings out a French essence and cosy corners to fit the Instagram era. On entering, we are warmly greeted by the Restaurant Supervisor Ryan, who leads us to our table, whilst the Italian Executive Chef Matteo casually talks us through the newly introduced breakfast offering which is wrapped in simplicity of thought, giving you that home-made and wholesome feel.

A freshly brewed cappuccino to start my day, as I scroll through the set menu and options to choose á la carte. The humble kitchen rustles up culinary delights which are all made to order – nothing is prepared in advance – and serves generous portions if you’re in the mood to share. In my case, this was much needed to keep enough space in my stomach to taste both the savoury and sweet dishes.

With the open kitchen concept, you can watch your food being prepared every step of the way as well as enjoy the aromatic journey. Before we know it, La Casa’s executive chef whets our appetite as he stops by our table with a trolley full – a wide selection of fruits, house-made breads, freshly baked Italian pastries, which include mini croissant, mini Bombolone doughnut, mini Cannolo and Sfogliatella Napoletana, alongside a variety of cereals and cheese. What better way to start your morning?

I could probably write a novel about my love for avocado toast, so it’s no surprise I go with the Avocado and Tomato Tartine to begin – keeping it healthy with whole grain bread toasted to perfection with just the ideal crunch, layered with soft herbed cream cheese, avocado, a hint of lemon and poached eggs cooked to our liking. Believe me, this is comfort on a plate.

My attention then turns to a very delicately presented dish; their Hummus Toast with a twist – perfect for a quick midday snack and boost of energy. A delectable beetroot basil hummus with orange wedges to add just the right amount of sweetness on freshly made sourdough bread – just out of the oven and topped with boiled egg.

I must say, there’s a pleasing simplicity to the dishes. Moving forward, I savour the signature Benedict La Casa – medium poached eggs Benedict on a soft English muffin with Canadian bacon. Who doesn’t love seasonal potatoes, with gently roasted plum tomato and buttered asparagus alongside truffle-infused Hollandaise sauce to pour over, which exposes just how spot-on the cooking is – nothing is hidden in a medley of competing flavours.

My favourite is most definitely the open-faced bagel topped with smoked salmon on beautifully light and fresh dill cream cheese, alongside a leafy green arugula salad tossed in vinaigrette and drizzled with olive oil – easy on the taste buds.

Your experience at La Casa isn’t complete without something to satisfy the sweet tooth – as I go headlong into my calorie quota of the day! The Brioche French Toast is to die for – fluffy enough and filled with decadent pistachio cream and Vanilla Chantilly with macerated fresh strawberries and maple syrup. It’s a mouthful of cloudiness…simply delicious.

As a fusion restaurant with roots in both Italy and Andalucia, La Casa has its own take on its dishes, making them a gastronomical journey from start to finish. They cater to a wide range of different tastes. Whether you get your hands on the set menu or choose à la carte, you will need to bring your appetite. Believe me, it’s the breakfast of your dreams. ✤