Prime Time

AMS indulged in the culinary mastery showcased at Mr. Tailor Steakhouse.

As we stepped into the embrace of Mr. Tailor Steakhouse, within the Rixos Gulf Hotel Doha, the immediate sense was one of understated elegance. The dining area was adorned with plush cream chairs that stood around polished wooden tables. A striking chandelier descended from the vaulted ceiling, its luminescence spilling over the scene, casting a welcoming glow on the emerald green accents that lined the room.

We were seated in an intimate corner, where the walls bore a collection of monochrome photographs, reminiscent of classic Hollywood glamour. This visual narrative complemented the contemporary, warm tones of the restaurant, creating an ambience that was both nostalgic and chic.

Appetising Introductions

Our smiling waitress presented us with a choice of water or soft drinks and deftly laid out the house bread. The golden loaf bore a resemblance to a croissant with an artful twist. The layers, when pulled apart, revealed a flaky, tender texture. Each bite released a rich, buttery essence that lingered on the palate. Just as we were mopping up the last few crumbs, the starters graced our table, unfolding in a gastronomic deluge.

The Hokkaido Scallop revealed itself as a pearl of the sea, cradled by its shell, accompanied by the earthy whispers of Matsutake mushroom and crowned with the jewel-like ikura caviar (salmon roe), each element a note in a seaside serenade. Wagyu Roll introduced a new dimension with layers of thinly sliced Wagyu beef striploin, rich and robust, intertwined with creamy avocado and crispy fried asparagus, crafting a mosaic of textures and flavours. Finally, Beef Cecina offered a narrative of tradition redefined, with Tête de Moine cheese unfurling like delicate rosettes, pickled vegetables providing a tangy counterpoint and kumquat chutney painting a bittersweet picture on the plate. The quality of ingredients and attention to minute details made an immediate impression.

Artisanal Insights

We were keen to meet the person behind the gastronomic magic. Chef Ramesh, originally from Sri Lanka, is a seasoned professional after years of culinary craftsmanship in Doha. He shared that everything we were savouring was made from scratch in-house. He spoke with pride about the restaurant’s exquisite dry-aged beef and his approach to blending Eastern and Western flavours, creating a tapestry of taste.

Signature Selections

Chef told us to settle back and prepare ourselves for the mains. There would be ‘no holding back’, he assured us, and he wasn’t joking. We started with Black Angus Back Ribs, their succulence a testament to the perfection achieved through 48 hours of sous vide cooking. The honey glaze was not just a topping but a seal of sweet caramelisation that intertwined with the deep smokiness, while the house corn offered a comforting, charred sweetness that perfectly balanced the robustness of the meat.

Next, was a Butcher Feast for Two. Each cut, from the striploin to the tenderloin, was a masterstroke of seasoning and precision cooking, presented to us as a showcase of the finest meats. The sides were not mere afterthoughts; the jasmine rice was an elegant bed adorned with a rich quail egg, the fermented cabbage added a bright acidity and the king oyster mushrooms provided a meaty texture, leaving us in silent appreciation of the harmony on our plates.

Just when we thought we had ascended to meat heaven, we were treated to the Wagyu Filet 8+, the embodiment of culinary opulence. Our forks tenderly sunk into the marbled treasure, echoing tales of verdant pastures. Each cut, immersed in the luscious depth of bone marrow, was a testament to its buttery texture. Beside it, king oyster mushrooms stood regally, their earthiness contrasting with the meat’s richness. The vibrant chimichurri draped over, weaving through the flavours with a light, herbaceous twang, ensuring each indulgent mouthful was as balanced as it was sumptuous.

International Appeal

While dining, we had the pleasure of meeting a couple vacationing in Doha. Their delight in the dishes mirrored our own, serving as a testament to the international appeal of the restaurant. Like us, they were enamoured by the tradition of impeccably prepared meat dishes, a hallmark of Rixos, the Turkish brand under whose banner the restaurant thrives. It was a shared experience that echoed the cross-cultural culinary conversation the establishment is known for.

Decadent Delights

Our desserts continued the impressive lineup that had already come before. The Belgian Chocolate Raspberry Cake was a canvas of contrasts, with the deep velvety chocolate ganache and the tart raspberry jam creating a vibrant mosaic, punctuated by crispy raspberry pieces that added an unexpected textural delight. In a nod to tradition, the final offering was a Pistachio Carrot Slice Baklava – a departure to the realm of nutty and sweet. Each layer of the pastry was a testament to the fine balance of flavour and crunch. Paired with Maraş ice cream, it was a fitting finale that melded the warmth of the East with the coolness of a classic dessert.

Mr. Tailor Steakhouse stands as a beacon of culinary finesse in Doha’s vibrant dining scene. The undeniable skill woven into each dish places it shoulder-to-shoulder with the city’s most esteemed eateries. With a variety of dining sections, catering to families, older couples and young diners alike, the restaurant has broad appeal and should rightfully feature on the discerning diner’s list. A visit to Mr. Tailor Steakhouse is an exploration of taste, where each dish celebrates the chef’s flair and secures the restaurant’s place as a must-visit destination for epicureans of all ages. ✤