Burgers are comfort food and that, paired with the chance to view your favourite sports on big screens, makes for a wonderful evening. FACT’s Asad Khan headed to the Hudson Tavern, at Mondrian Doha, that, apart from its juiciest burgers, also offers the ultimate sporty vibe!

Fancy a burger? Of course I do. The simple meatbetween-bread combo is always a winner for me, whether for a fast-food fix or a gourmet feast — it never disappoints. Over time, I’ve tried and tasted a vast range of patties in Doha but Hudson Tavern, at Mondrian Doha, has a burger game all of its own.

Utter meaty marvels: juice-seeping, humming with flavour and far more complex in creation than they’re ever given credit for. And so, for the festive season I rolled up my sleeves and tucked in to one of the best flippin’ burgers in town.

The vibe here is cosmic and sporty. You enter and see a bar on your left with a huge LED screen playing football matches. This is a sports bar with minimal background music for people to actually come-in, enjoy the sport, root for their favourite team and be able to listen to each other. The bricked walls give a ‘90s vibe, and so does the music.

Burgers are considered ubiquitous and the ones served at Hudson are bona fide burgers of dreams.

Although I was thrilled for the burgers and was trying to keep the maximum space for the buns, I was advised to try the BBQ wings and nachos. I placed the order and can easily say it was one of the best decisions. The BBQ wings had the perfect balance of BBQ sauce and sesame seeds. Nothing messy or overboard, giving a flavourful tanginess to the chicken.

Now to the burger. I ordered The French One featuring beef patty, comte cheese, truffle garlic mushrooms, house onion relish and truffle mayo. It arrived in a house-baked, soft, bouncy bun with a buttery sheen. Inside, the patty and the layering of mushrooms added to the melody of flavours. The beef patty, medium well, was chargrilled and smoky, thin and juicy. A smoosh of melted cheese and finely minced onion with mushroom were the high notes! Coleslaw with a heap of sweet, thin cucumber pickle was something your grandma would have made. To accompany this wholesome burger and coleslaw there was a generous portion of crunchy fries.

Although you might have a temptation to double up the patty, like some other places offer, a single patty is more than sufficient here. Though Hudson is about classic burger options like chicken and beef, this is one place that gets vegetarian patties right too. People who want to be a part of the game but are not into meat can opt for the Beet Beast featuring beetroot patty, feta cheese, olives, tomato and walnuts!

And, if you want to catch all your favourite sporting action but are not in the mood for a burger, there’s plenty more to choose from on the menu from steaks to roasts and sumptuous desserts.

Now taking a departure from the burgers and putting across another thing that’s best at Hudson. Its sports-centric vibe. With screens throughout the space — Hudson can easily come out on top for match viewing. The seating gives you enough privacy to enjoy games with friends and it’s also spacious enough to accommodate large groups together. The music is subtle which means no match commentary will be lost in between. With 2022 being a very special football occasion in Qatar, male and female sports fans can easily head to Hudson to have some fun — it’s the epicenter of sports fanaticism. With loud energy and no demands on wardrobe — this is the place to sport the jerseys! ✤