Luke Bennett sampled the delights of Qatar’s newest hip hangout.

Situated within a natural lagoon in Northern Qatar is the ultra-trendy Fuwairit Kite Beach Resort (FKB), part of the Tapestry Collection by Hilton. Having newly opened in October 2022, this energetic establishment has a whole lot more to offer than just a kite surfing experience.

Upon arrival, you’ll instantly acknowledge this is not another glamorous resort to add to Doha’s hotel scene; instead, FKB is a riot of vivid colour and exudes a relaxed atmosphere that resonates throughout the buildings, team and guests alike. Walking into the spacious central hub, which is a hive of activity, your eyes are immediately drawn to the vibrant, contemporary street art and scattering of quirky décor that reflects the surfer lifestyle of West Coast USA/Hawaii. This funky theme reverberates throughout the whole resort and is cleverly fused with iconic Arabic images to pay homage to their Middle Eastern roots.

The main restaurant is located in the bustling central hub, with the option to dine indoors or take a seat on the outdoor decking that overlooks the scenic beach. Neighbouring the restaurant is the chilled Hang Loose bar that offers a variety of snacks and beverages to enjoy whilst casually swaying on wooden swings or comfortably reclining on longue-like seating. Still rejoicing in the casual ambience, we took our seat for lunch, and had the pleasure of meeting the Head Chef, Christian, who enthusiastically explained their upcoming launch of a new menu.

Throughout our visit, we sampled a selection of FKB’s artisan burgers that combined chuck and brisket beef to form juicy, fresh patties. Firstly, the Mushroom Swiss Burger, as the name suggests, celebrates the flavour and texture of mushrooms partnered with the flavoursome beef patty that was blanketed with an enjoyable amount of Swiss cheese – all housed within a light potato bun that pleasingly held its shape after each delicious bite. The Surfer Cheese Burger utilised the distinctive flavours of cheddar cheese and the clever addition of pickles balanced out the richness of the velvety cheddar.

Without doubt, the standout for us was The Cowboy Burger! A mouth-watering stack of salty, crispy beef bacon shards; a substantial coating of smoky barbecue sauce; a bed of sweet, caramelised onions; and the meaty beef patty oozing flavour all made for a memorable and outstanding burger.

If burgers are not for you, do not fear! You can select from an assortment of sandwiches, pizzas, poke bowls or local dishes. I would highly recommend the Beef Steak Sando. A perfectly toasted baguette brushed with a punchy mustard sauce encasing tasty strips of tender rib-eye beef combined with Swiss cheese and slightly sweet, crunchy onions. The pizzas served up at FKB are simple yet effective. Thinly based with lightly charcoaled crusts made for a pleasurable texture and a selection of toppings, from turkey and mushroom to pepperoni or grilled vegetables, all deliver on the taste front.

Having previously worked at Curio Al Rayyan, Christian utilised his experience of cooking local cuisine to serve up a delectable mound of Chicken Majbous. Each generous piece of chicken thigh offered a delicious, crispy exterior yet the fibres of meat remained satisfyingly succulent. To add a slight twist to this well-known dish, the chicken thighs are skilfully prepared with a combination of cardamon and loumi, which provides a hint of zest to complement the rich tomato flavour that runs throughout the rice. A lavish scattering of crispy, dried onions added a desirable ‘crunch’, and the accompanying cucumber yoghurt mixed with cumin gifted a freshness that completed this flavoursome, moreish dish.

For the sweeter-toothed diners, I would definitely suggest ordering the decadent Molten Lava Cake. Carving my fork through the perfectly crunchy exterior of the chocolate fondant resulted in a gratifying explosion of a warm, gooey interior, enhanced with the addition of a cooling quenelle of vanilla ice cream. Another equally impressive dessert was the Blueberry Cheesecake that combined the classic crumbly base with a smooth wedge of cream cheese lavishly topped with a fresh blueberry compote. Both dishes are great options to end your meal and leave you smiling and satiated.

As previously mentioned, Fuwairit Kite Beach Resort is not just for kite surfers; they have a vast range of outstanding facilities to ensure that non-surfers enjoy their stay too. An egg-shaped outdoor pool surrounded by ample seating will please any sun worshippers or catch a movie in the evening at their open-air cinema. A keen footballer or more of a volleyball fan? You’re in luck as you can enjoy both with separate beach volleyball and beach football courts or, if you’re more comfortable with a racket in hand, then check out the padel courts serenely situated at the far end of the beach. If that wasn’t already enough to excite you, guests can flex their muscles at the state-of-the-art, expansive gym with floor-to-ceiling windows ensuring a modern and well-lite space, or hold their lotus pose within an idyllic yoga pavilion that overlooks the picturesque beach.

Throughout our stay, we were highly impressed with the friendly, attentive and relaxed service from all the FKB crew throughout the resort, and we will certainly be making the trip back up north. Boasting 40 pristine, modern, beach-facing rooms and 10 which are resort facing, Fuwairit Kite Beach Resort has filled a gap in Qatar’s hotel offerings with a unique experience that truly evokes the sense that you are on holiday. ✤