At Your Service

AMS experienced hospitality at its best at the Dusit Hotel & Suites – Doha.

Upon our arrival at Dusit Hotel & Suites – Doha, we were greeted by an ambience of timeless elegance. The lobby presented a lavish display, with its high, golden arches reaching towards an ornate ceiling, and a grand chandelier that showered the space with a warm, inviting glow. The seating arrangement beckoned with plush comfort, featuring rich blue, vibrant red and warm orange sofas that offered a sense of luxury.

The staff, a testament to the art of hospitality, welcomed us with cordial smiles and a swift, seamless check-in process. They promptly took charge of our vehicle and luggage with utmost efficiency, while expertly acquainting us with the details of our two-bedroom suite. The promise of complimentary access to West Bay Beach completed our check-in experience that was as delightful as it was expedient. Walking to the lifts, our path was graced by the gleam of polished marble floors, inlaid with sophisticated designs, reflecting the light of delicate chandeliers. We were politely ushered into the lift and transported to the 18th floor which was to be our home for the next two days.

Suite Dreams

As we entered our suite, we were struck by the natural light that streamed through the expansive windows, caressing the caramel hues of the supple leather sofas and the polished wooden surfaces with a warm, golden glow. Views of the horizon stretched beyond the glass like a canvas of tranquil blues.

The dining area, set just behind the lounge, promised gatherings steeped in elegance, with its sleek chairs and a glass table that reflected the light, softening the space with a convivial ambience.

The kitchen – a chef’s dream – was fully equipped and ready to inspire culinary exploration. The marble countertops complemented the cream cabinetry, complete with modern appliances.

In the master bedroom, a sense of calm luxury enveloped us. The golden sunlight spilled through large windows, highlighting the grand bed with its crisp linens. The vibrant orange drapes added a pop of colour, complementing the bold red sofa that invited a moment of relaxation. Each detail was a nod to refined elegance – the perfect haven for rest and reflection.

Rooms With A View

We learned that the hotel provides an array of luxurious accommodations that cater to every need. Its offerings include spacious two-bedroom suites, equipped with separate living areas, gourmet kitchens and stunning views of Doha, perfect for those seeking space and comfort. For unparalleled luxury, the hotel’s opulent penthouses stand out, located on the highest floors for unobstructed city vistas and some featuring private pools. Additionally, families or larger groups can choose from the expansive three- and four-bedroom suites, designed for relaxation and entertainment. The pinnacle of the hotel’s accommodation is the sixbedroom suite, a lavish space offering ultimate privacy and exclusivity, complete with its own swimming pool and sauna.

Our First Iftar

We set off for dinner at Tropicana 360 – a feast for the senses, complete with a tower of dates and a wall of bread. The spread of salads, hot dishes and a lively grill station promised a culinary journey, amid the hum of soothing traditional music.

The grilled lamb chops were a flavour symphony, matched by the tenderloin’s perfect seasoning. The hamour fish, with its smoky harissa, danced on the palate, while classics like mootzabal and lamb kibbeh offered a taste of tradition.

The meal’s crescendo was the desserts: kunafa and umali took indulgence to new heights, and the coveted ice cream was a simple yet profound delight. This dining experience was a tapestry of taste and tradition that left a lasting impression, enriched by the communal spirit of Iftar.

From Feast To Fitness

After a night of indulgence, we felt compelled to visit the gym the next morning. The health suite was a sanctuary of well-being. The gym, equipped with free weights, machines and cardio accessories, catered to every exercise preference. Post-workout, the sauna and steam room awaited to envelop us in their soothing warmth, completing a rejuvenating cycle of exercise and relaxation, while the pool, adorned in Italian marble, featured a Jacuzzi, inviting us to unwind in style.

At breakfast, served in the lobby, Vishnu, our attentive server, presented a delightful bread basket, its contents warm and fragrant. The scrambled eggs were soft, the shakshuka a vivid medley of spices. Alongside were savoury chicken sausages and crisp hash browns. For a lighter option, there was muesli and granola, with continental offerings completing the array. Our coffee, rich and full-bodied, was the perfect accompaniment, ensuring a satisfying start to the day.

Sun, Sand and Serenity

After breakfast, we enjoyed a leisurely stroll around the area, absorbing the surroundings before making our way to West Bay Beach, about a 10-minute walk from the hotel. The beach welcomed us with its golden sands, lined with new sunbeds that offered comfort under the open sky. Venues for refreshments were abundant, providing cool respite just steps away. We basked in the sun, taking pleasure in relaxing before the Gulf waters beckoned us for a refreshing dip, completing our serene morning experience.

Dining At The Sister Hotel

On our second night, we embraced the tradition of Iftar once again at sister property, Dusit Doha Hotel. Set within the grandeur of the ballroom, with the veranda doors flung wide, we were treated to breathtaking views of the city skyline as dusk settled. The spread was a captivating mix of tradition and innovation, where an array of traditional dishes met with an unexpected twist of sushi and Thai offerings. Each bite was a journey, from the rich, spiced flavours of the Middle East to the delicate, nuanced tastes of Asia. The atmosphere was vibrant yet intimate, a shared celebration under the glow of lanterns, making this Iftar an unforgettable part of our stay.

The Room Service Experience

As it was Ramadan, we had lunch delivered to the room. The mixed grill was charred to perfection, emitting a smoky aroma that filled the space with anticipation. The Caesar salad was a crisp, fresh bed for tender chicken, tossed in a creamy dressing, punctuated by the crunch of croutons. The burgers were a masterpiece of juiciness, the beef patties cooked flawlessly, nestled between soft buns and accompanied by a side of choice.

The next day, we opted for breakfast in the comfort of our room, a decision that was met with the same exceptional quality we’d come to expect. The dishes arrived warm, their presentation a testament to the care taken in their preparation. Each bite was a reminder of the kitchen’s dedication to excellence. The staff’s attentiveness added a layer of warmth, their readiness to accommodate any request making us feel truly looked after.

Lasting Impressions

As our stay drew to a close, it was the impeccable staff, like Anthony, who truly made our experience memorable. He even did a pharmacy run for us, exemplifying the exceptional service at the hotel. The spacious accommodation offered us a haven of comfort, while the diverse Iftar venues provided culinary delights that were both enriching and enjoyable. With access to facilities across both hotels and nestled in the heart of the city, our stay was not only convenient but luxuriously accommodating. Whether for families seeking a city adventure, a staycation or groups gathering for a meal, Dusit Hotel & Suites – Doha stands out as a beacon of hospitality, blending impeccable service with a smile. ✤