AMS discovered a place where the scenic seafront meets culinary splendour on a visit to Beefbar Doha.

The architectural marvel that houses Beefbar Doha had us spellbound. The building’s sleek, futuristic design cuts a striking silhouette against the crystal-clear sky, the reflective glass facade gleaming under the sun’s gentle caress. The curvature of the structure seeming to flow seamlessly with the natural surroundings, floating above the water.

Beefbar is a culinary concept that’s as unique as it is refined. An idea brought to life by the visionary Riccardo Giraudi, in MonteCarlo, it has shattered the mould of conventional steakhouses, offering an environment that oozes modern luxury.

As we entered the main dining space, the interior unfolded before us like a scene from a modern-day Gatsby affair. Grandeur was evident in the sweeping curves of the artfully designed staircase, a golden spine ascending towards the heavens. Soft lighting cast a warm glow on the brushed gold accents and marble tabletops; lush greenery added a touch of the tropics, infusing the space with life. The seating, upholstered in the finest fabrics, promised comfort that whispered of long, leisurely meals. Every corner was meticulously designed to create an ambience both inviting and awe-inspiring, encapsulating the very essence of luxury dining.

Our Journey Unfolds

We didn’t have to wait long for the introductory offering—The Croque Sando. The dish immediately impressed us with its tender, dry-aged beef ribeye and creamy mozzarella, enhanced by the rich house-made sauce. Moving on, the Signature Carpaccio captivated with its thinly sliced Black Angus beef fillet, harmoniously paired with an unexpected blend of za’atar and maple syrup. The marriage of herbs and sweetness enlivened our taste buds.

The Mini Big K burgers offered a delightful gourmet twist, featuring three Wagyu beef bacon patties, each amplified by signature sauces. Our favourite was the creamy truffle flavoured slider, although all were perfectly executed. Finally, the Wagyu Beef Bresaola stood out with its silky texture and a perfect balance of savoury and sweet, a true indulgence. Paired with decadent Panettone, instead of regular bread, the dish took on a transcendent quality, reminding us of visits to Milan, Verona or Venice.

Five-Star Service

At the heart of Beefbar’s exceptional experience was Gerda, the restaurant manager, and her team, a group whose service can only be likened to the exclusive attention one receives in the first-class cabin of a premier airline. Dressed to the nines in cream suits, their flawless appearance spoke of the sophistication and professionalism they embody.

Each member of the staff carried an unbounded knowledge of the menu, a deep understanding of the ingredients and the kind of attention to detail that immediately impressed. They navigated the space with an affability that genuinely put us at ease. What truly set them apart was their balanced approach to service; they were always on hand with a discreet presence that was never overwhelming—meticulous yet unobtrusive.

Marvellous Mains

Our main courses commenced with The Miso Black Beef – an absolute revelation. As it arrived, presented on a miniature fire pit that mimicked a barbecue, the aroma was intoxicating. The beef, tender and succulent, was glazed in a miso that was masterfully blended with Chinese five-spice. This combination brought forth a symphony of elements – sweet, savoury and a touch of spice – each note distinct yet harmonious. There was a complexity that danced on the palate, evoking the traditional essence of Asian cuisine.

The Filet-Frites, served with the renowned Beefbar sauce, consisted of a Wagyu fillet and crunchy French fries. The steak was a culinary ballet of flavours, its succulence unmatched, each bite tender and rich. The fries were reassuringly crisp and carried the earthy hint of truffle in the butter sauce. The sauce, a velvety blend with hints of the original Relais de Paris essence, wrapped each mouthful in a luxurious, savoury embrace.

Splendid Sides

Lemon & Lime Mash provided a refreshing counterpoint, its airy texture serving as the ideal backdrop for the lively citrus tang, artfully balancing tartness with a subtle sweetness. Contrastingly, the Mild Jalapeño Pepper Mash mingled the homely comfort of mashed potatoes with a teasing jalapeño warmth, a gentle flame that flickered without burning. The seasonal vegetables, steamed and bathed in butter, were a welcome addition, bursting with freshness and crispness that spoke to their quality. Their natural flavours complemented the overall richness of the meal with a wholesome touch.

The Pièce de Résistance

The crowning glory of the evening; however, was the Wagyu Striploin. Its marbling mirrored the layers of an ancient geological formation, with a deep history of taste and texture, melting in our mouths to release a cascade of sensations. Each slice was an indulgence – a celebration of the art of steak preparation.

After savouring our mains, we took a leisurely stroll around the restaurant. Our walk revealed the private dining suites, each a cocoon of luxury and intimacy. We then discovered Bar Asia, a vibrant spot within Beefbar, embodying a fusion of exotic flavours. In the main dining room, a small stage was set for the band that enlivens the brunch sessions, adding a dynamic layer to the dining experience.

A Sweet Farewell

Our brief interlude was gladly interrupted by The Marbled Chocolate Bar by Yazid Ichemrahen. It was a work of art. Crafted to mimic a real bar with impeccable layering, it was a visual masterpiece. Presented on a wooden board, the waiter skilfully sliced it tableside, with a theatrical flourish. To our delight, the pastry chef also joined us, offering a fascinating insight into how the various layers were assembled. This personal touch made the experience all the more memorable.

The French Toast that followed was the epitome of a perfect winter dessert. Its warm, caramelised brioche, complemented by the richness of salted caramel sauce, fruits and light cream, evoked the cosy essence of the recent winter break.

It was soon time to leave and we were sad to say goodbye. But we had experienced a combination of magnificent food coupled with amazing service that will ensure a return visit. ✤