LG reveals the world’s first wireless TV.

The new LG Signature OLED M3 comes with Zero Connect technology. This allows for superior picture and sound quality transmission wirelessly; a separate Zero Connect box can send real-time audio and video up to 4K HDR 120Hz from up to 10 metres away. Further, it provides greater flexibility when installing and connecting – the 97-inch panel requires only a regular power cable connection.

The Zero Connect box comes with multiple ports for plugging in commonly used HDMI devices, such as cable/satellite set-top boxes and gaming consoles. It can also connect wirelessly with compatible soundbars for additional cable-free convenience.

To ensure the seamless transfer of data from the box to the TV, LG has developed an algorithm that instantly identifies the optimal transmission path. The algorithm also helps to minimise transmission errors or disruptions as it can recognise changes in the immediate environment, such as people or pets moving around the room, and switch paths accordingly.

Additionally, for maximum signal strength, the Zero Connect box’s antenna can be easily rotated and/or tilted to align with the TV’s location.

For maximum usability, the box is voice-recognition enabled, allowing users to turn on and manage the M3 and connected devices using simple, spoken commands. ✤