Sushi by the sea has its own aura of magic, and we suggest dining in this magical bubble of good food and good views at MEGU.

There are only a couple of foods that many of us have a craving for in Doha and, for us at FACT, it’s usually sushi. To satisfy this desire we take a trip to a corner of The Pearl-Qatar at MEGU. MEGU stands for ‘blessing’ in Japanese and the brand has come a long way since the launch of its initial restaurant in New York City more than 10 years ago, as this branch sitting in an idyllic spot by the Doha seaside today shows. We receive the full luxury experience as we ride up to the venue in a private elevator which leads to the restaurant’s lobby and stunning long bar table.

The main seating area opens up after another small pathway which leads into a large circular dining room with high ceilings, customary Japanese interior accents, and expansive full-length windows that overlook an equally stunning elongated balcony — perfect to complement the modern Japanese cuisines offered. Usually, we opt for the full al fresco experience but, this time, decide to sit indoors to avoid the unexpectedly harsh rays from the afternoon sun. The menu is long and extensive, featuring everything from soups and salads to sushi, ramen, and more. Going over the options, we’re left in a fluster at what to order. After much deliberation, we indulge in the MEGU kanzuri shrimp and the Angus beef croquette. The shrimp is battered and coated with a special blend of kanzuri creamy sauce which radiates aromas a mile away. The crunchy batter cuts into soft perfectly cooked shrimp releasing an audible ‘yum’ from more than one at the table.

The beef croquette comprises lightly spiced, ground Angus beef rolled and flash-fried in breadcrumbs served on a bed of tonkatsu sauce and lemon garnish. The ideal appetiser for meat-lovers. When most people speak of sushi, they are referring to maki sushi or sashimi, but the MEGU menu has so much more to explore with four different categories for these alone.

We order an assortment of the crafted-to-perfection sushi options, and they arrive strategically placed on a large wooden board, perfect for two to share, with the Blazing Roll, Ebi Dynamite, Crispy Unagi Roll and Salmon Ebi Roll within easy reach. Each piece oozes fresh ocean flavours, refreshing our taste buds and cleaning our palates. And although choosing a favourite is difficult, we highly recommend the Crispy Unagi. From the mains, we cut into the steaming Ume Wagyu steak. A Wagyu beef steak served on a sizzling hot river stone with the accompaniment of kimchi cucumber salad, steamed white rice and kagerou sauce for dipping. When a chef invests in a good quality cut of beef, the best way to cook it is to respect it and keep it simple, and this dish proves simple doesn’t need to be flavourless.

We couldn’t leave without trying the infamous MEGU green tea cheesecake and, to our delight, it did not disappoint. A quaint delectable green cheesecake with a berry on top. The cheese filling, though a little dense, is engulfed in the flavours of the green tea. This restaurant hosts a delightful atmosphere, eye-catching décor, delicious food, and amazing service. Waiters and hosts stand right up and alert at each corner so just a look is enough to wave them over for any additional orders or requests. MEGU is a great place for a night out for celebrations and we’ll definitely come around again to experience the beautiful balcony that the harsh sun robbed us of on this visit. ✤