A unique new boutique hotel is opening its doors this year. Set on a beautiful beach, Sealine, Ramlah Qatar promises to offer guests an exquisite getaway with a particular emphasis on several special days each week just for women, as the resort’s owner Zamzam Ibrahim Al Assmakh, from Regency Group Holding, explains.

Qatar has seen a plethora of new hotels open this year, what is unique about Ramlah Qatar?
Located in one of Qatar’s most exclusive nature reserves, Sealine, Ramlah Qatar is a place of beautiful contrasts. Inspired by Qatar’s heritage and representing luxury, it creates a perfect alchemy of beauty in a rich atmosphere. The resort is located on one of the most pristine beaches in the country and uniquely brings together both the sea and sands, conjuring a magical experience of nature and beauty.
Several days a week will be allocated as ladies-only and the staff will be all female, we want to empower women and this is something that is very important to us. One of the key goals in developing this resort was to cater for the needs of the community of Qatar something that everyone can enjoy, particularly as the location is extremely private.
Also, there will be plenty of entertainment – events, musical nights, sports programmes that will be specifically curated for the venue, some public and some for ladies only. That is something that we believe is going to differentiate us.

How did the concept for this new beachfront hotel come together?
The exclusive boutique concept was curated for guests seeking a luxury getaway to one of the most breathtaking exclusive locations in the country, which is challenging for most people to access unless they have an off-road vehicle. Therefore, the idea was to provide guests with world-class hospitality where they can experience gourmet cuisine, rooms of a contemporary and luxury design and safe access to the heart of where the sea and desert meet in Qatar.

What is your background and how did you become involved in this project?
With a background in real estate, hotels and resort development, my drive was to contribute to filling a gap in the hospitality market in a location which has been part of the country’s heritage for decades. Creating access to the dunes for families and individuals seeking high-end, comfortable, luxury accommodation in the safest way was also part of our vision and my driving focus.

How would you describe the Ramlah Qatar experience?
Ramlah Qatar plays on the beautiful contrasts that guests can enjoy here. One moment they’re out in the desert and the next they’re on the beach. Our guests want playful and purposeful stays where they can engage their senses, whether that’s with breathtaking views, dining under the desert stars, musical experiences or adventure. Guests can be active both day and night. They have choice and freedom.

What are some of your favourite features about Ramlah Qatar?
It’s a desert oasis of luxury and fun representing the finest qualities of the Middle East. The resort blends the calm environment of the Arabian desert with serenity and relaxation. The design inspiration comes from the local environment of sandy dunes and limestone mountains. The colour theory is inspired from the surrounding landscape. The design creates a harmonious narrative between guests and the resort. The neutral tones reflect the sand, sunset, cliffs and the sea. From soft linen to raw limestone, a subtle blend of tones is used to re-create the same comfort found in the calmness of the desert. Textures are also an important part of the overall tone of the hotel. For example, we’ve used rattan and bamboo wood throughout the resort, which was inspired by East Asian culture. Apart from this, the outdoor areas were curated by international designers to extend the experience of the guest stay beyond the room and into the outdoors. The resort was created to appeal to guests all year round whether summer or winter.
It’s also worth repeating that Ramlah Qatar will be one of the only resorts that will offer exclusive ladies-only days where female guest can experience the resort. That is something that is very important to me. ✤