The city life had our editor Anushay Taimur Khan yearning for a break, so she headed to Souq Al Wakra Hotel to learn more about how to live that luxurious Qatari lifestyle…

If you’re walking around in Al Wakra, at some point you are bound to find a few characteristics that you will see all across town. From the beach to the muted sand-coloured houses and finally you’ll see it – Souq Al Wakra.

Nestled right next to this gorgeous location, Souq Al Wakra Hotel can only be described as a private cocoon of dreams. I went to The Spa and all the while was in awe of how much an ordinary-looking building revealed a beautiful vogueish vibe beyond its automatic wooden doors. With hues of blue in the interior that paid tribute to water, the welcome was exactly what I needed on this day.

Arabic tea and dates were served instantly as I sat in the comfortable lounge whilst waiting to be escorted to the spa. Considering this as an escape from reality, I strolled through the hotel and was checked in for my treatment. As I had opted for a facial, I requested for the consultation to be done outside in the outdoor lounging area. The fountain water added to the rhythm of my ensuing relaxation, and was similar to a soothing stream as I took in the delicate breeze that makes you believe you’re sitting in the garden of Eve.

Fresh scent of the sea, plumeria flowers as decor in black bowls to give a contrast to the environment and the general ambience of the hotel was an absolute treat. I liked the treatment rooms, which go perfectly with the theme of the hotel. That is one thing I will point out; everything was in sync with the heritage look of the property and there was not a moment that didn’t feel soothing and natural. The changing room was connected to the massage room and I slipped into the beige sand-coloured robe and slippers, all set for my one hour of ecstasy. With green tea at my disposal and light chatter with Sherly, we began with a hot stone massage. Sherly’s velvety smooth motions and feathery touch made this a therapeutic experience for me and I found myself getting even more comfortable in the dimly lit room.

I was uncomfortable with the heated stones to begin with so Sherly let them cool down before massaging them on my back again. The olive oil with the stones aided in silky movements as I felt my muscles relax because of the heat. The consultation form had my details which also stated that I was claustrophobic so Sherly made sure there was a little light coming in to make me feel comfortable.

Using olive oil as her magic potion of the day, the next one hour was spent blissfully with Sherly and her expert feather touch as the stress of the city escaped my knotted muscles.

Like all good things, the massage also came to an end. After cleaning the makeup off my face with her smooth gestures, Sherly began to prep my skin for my facial that consisted of multiple creams and methods to clear my skin. I was waiting for some machines to be used or steam to open my pores but Sherly kept using a number of products without the help of any machines. I patiently waited as she applied a number of creams and lightly massaged my face with her feathery touch and I knew I made the right choice to trust her blindly.

Till my face started to burn like a thousand needles were being injected. Turns out, the fruity acid exfoliating scrub was doing its magic and if I tolerated this for a few more minutes, I’d be surprised. Distracting myself by focusing on the music again, there were more creams applied and since it was Biologique Recherche, I didn’t mind being treated to one of the finest skin products. If the fruity acid was uncomfortable, it was nothing compared to the ice that was applied to my face. Even though it toned down the effect of the acid, it also made me shiver in a pleasurable shock.

As I finished the treatment, Sherly gave me a summary for my skin type and how the products included zinc extract and antimicrobial active ingredients like salicylic acid. The ingredients combine to tighten pores, fight acne-causing bacteria, nourish the skin, and provide lasting hydration. I was told about how my skin was sensitive to certain treatments and the use of the silicone scrubber sponge was ideal for it. The fact that this was used for the first time on me, after years of doing facials, left me in awe of the technicians here. They had knowledge from their own experiments and experiences and as I now feel my smooth skin, I realise how important it is to be more than just an experienced therapist. The bonus point of my treatment included makeup advice as well and as I sit online to read more reviews, I’ve already recommended the spa to my friends.

The expert service, breath-taking views and the ambience of the spa is possibly one of the best experiences I’ve had locally. If you’re looking to break away from the monotonous hustle of the city and treat yourself, head to Souq Al Wakra Hotel and visit their Spa. ✤