With the café scene booming in Doha, FACT’s Anushay Taimur Khan was intrigued by the concept of Flat 77 – the latest addition to a thriving part of foodie lifestyle in the city. This place has our attention…

Welcome home’ is the greeting you get when you enter the doors at Flat 77; a cosy little place to haul up on a winter’s day, where the concept of being your home away from home helps visitors to fit right in. And home is what it truly is. A blue door, that reminds me of Mykonos, welcomes you to a room full of all the things you actually need. This cute little cafe is divided into sections for you to enjoy and, trust me, you’re going to have a hard time choosing every single time you walk into this venue.

A neon sign awaits you ‘There’s no place like 77’, with magazines spread in front of it and paintings set up for sale, all done by local artists. Adding a very personal touch, every table and area is separate, giving you the privacy, you need. Now you can come here with a book and sink into the sofas or get together for a catch up in a place that is as good as your own home. If alone time is what you crave then this place can be your Netflix spot too. Yep, they weren’t kidding when they said it’s your home!

A media room is available where you can book yourself some time for gaming night or even a movie night with your buddies – they take the whole Netflix thing up a notch here! If you really don’t want any of these and just need a work space to hit those deadlines in (like yours truly) just step on the right side of the room, plug your laptop in, and slip into one of the huge chairs that are calling out for your comfort, and get started.

There are a number of board games on the other side of the room – you can simply order yourself milk and cookies and get the competition going! You might think that it’s really an overrated thing to add in a menu but the minute you bite into those cookies and the chocolate melts in your mouth, making you believe that nirvana can be achieved by simply having this, you might just change your mind. Speaking of the menu, there is not a single item on it that you’d say isn’t perfect. The oozing Nutella in the French Toast, the Club Sandwich that serves as the ideal snack, the baith with tmath baitna that is the perfect fit for breakfast or the delectable Parkview Eggs that you just simply need in your life – you’ve got yourself a perfect fit for all those homely needs. And what says home like someone bringing all the goods in life to you? The service is impeccable.

A truly new concept around town that keeps taking me back to the golden days of being comfortable in your PJs, eating M’n’M’s from a jar, sitting in a comfortable room and having all the things you need in life, Flat 77 cafe is my favourite for the month. A feeling of finding a place like home is depicted in a cute little place and if you walk in, you’re most likely going to find me sitting there. ✤