Having started to grow weary of brunches, FACT sent Craig Ferriman to a 5-star Friday experience that was set to truly impress and restore his faith in g ood brunch concepts again. Enter Toro Toro Doha…

Too much eating to excess from a grand buffet that’s often lukewarm and all the walking around on a treasure hunt to find what there actually is to eat – brunches are no longer a novelty for me. Conversations broken up by others who need to stack their plate sky high with more things they aren’t sure they want.

So, imagine my relief (and excitement) when I sat down at Toro Toro’s Latin Friday Brunch. It’s quite different to those stereotypes conjured up. It’s sophisticated, classy, elegant and most of all, hugely enjoyable. There is indoor and outdoor seating for your choosing.

Welcome beverages are made and served before you on a trolley the moment that you are seated – the perfect refreshment as you contemplate the afternoon ahead. Sitting inside with the giant windows pressed right up against the water made me feel like I was on a ship with nothing but sunshine and sea outside.

Almost all food and beverages are brought to the table by waiter service. An extraordinary in-house guacamole is served up in little bowls on a trolley with a generous helping of the freshest tortillas. I can categorically say I have never tasted fresher, tangier or a more delicious mix in all my days. It was guactastic!

There is one self-service buffet in the middle of the restaurant and it’s the only requirement you’ll have to take a wander. Worth it though. A bar of cold bites is neatly decorated with things like tuna tartar rolls, sushi, salads and a refreshing ceviche. All of this went down a treat.

Hot appetisers were delivered to the table a little later. They included a little basket with a pair of chicken empanadas in it. Spicy calamari was in another bowl that had a real kick to it. A Peruvian style steamed fish fillet lay in a leaf basket and last but not least, there were two delicately delicious beef tacos that melted in the mouth. Unbelievably special.

The real fun gets going when the rodizio comes out. Waiters wielding large skewers of various cuts of meat come to the table to slice off tender cuts of beef, chicken and even a fried pineapple that compliments some of the cuts excellently.

A two-sided coaster was our calling card. Green side up told the staff – come on gimme some more! Red side up said – my belly needs a break. The striploin was probably my favourite but the chicken was very spicy and truly delicious too. I had to keep getting more shavings of rib-eye as well – a meat-eater’s heaven.

The dessert was the priceless finish. It was both a highly sociable dish but also a work of art! What looked like a chocolate pot was brought to our table and they dropped it like it was too hot to handle. I momentarily thought, “oh no, our dessert is ruined,” only to realise that this was all part of the act.

The table ended up resembling a psychedelic fantasy and everyone was able to take the spoon and get stuck into it. Essentially, it was a crumble cased in chocolate with little blackberries and raspberries but justice is only done when you see it and eat it.

You could be forgiven for thinking it was a nonstop food party and we walked out feeling stuffed. The absolute opposite was the case. The brunch was superbly curated and the dishes carefully calibrated to deliver delicate flavours that delighted but didn’t defeat us. Highly, highly recommended. ✤