In search of an experience with perfect taste and fusion? Look no further! FACT’s Asad Khan had a perfect dine-out with friends at Timeless, discovering every nook and cranny of this stunning place.

Qatar has been buzzing ever since Timeless graced Lusail City and our palates with its beautiful interior, unique menu and tantalising flavours that are a perfect Japanese-Pan-Asian fusion. It’s quite rare to find something new in Doha as we have most everything here now in terms of food and taste.

This contemporary take on fine dining and Japanese flavours combined with local palate-pleasing preferences, leaves diners with a lasting impression that wonderfully synchorises the art of fashionable gastronomy with an interior perfect for a day or a night out. The large glass windows provide a perfect picturesque background exposing the place to the warm sunlight and the feeling of open space. The menu is unconventional, showcasing progressive fusion – sushi rolls with just enough cooked fish or baked mussels with cheese.

We took our table on the first floor of the restaurant. You’ll forget you’re in Qatar as you embrace the techno ambience of the place. Everything is on trend, from the marble table-tops to metallic lamps and lighting. Our hosts took our order. We knew this gastronomic journey was bound to exquisite, as Timeless pretty much promises, as the table was swathed with our starters: Crab Salad, Sashimi Platter, Hot and Spicy Spider Rolls and Shredded Crab Rolls.

The Crab Salad was a decadent display of crab flakes, tobiko, sesame oil and Japanese spicy mayonnaise that brought the dish to life. If you have a penchant for spices, this is the place for you. A perfect hint of spice that gives you a hit but keeps your palate undisturbed. The Sashimi Platter and Hot And Spicy Spider rolls are already famous and for good reason. The little lamb dumplings that arrived at our table may have looked small but were absolutely packed with juicy meaty flavours and enhanced with absolute deliciousness. I’d call it ‘meat with love!’ Before we headed on to our mains, we also indulged in Baked Mussels that I can truly say were some of the best I’ve ever had in Doha.

The mussels were baked with cheese gratin and topped off with spicy lime mayonnaise. Perfectly crisp on the outside, due to the cheese, and quite creamy on the inside. You take a bite and you’re transported somewhere between Japan and Chile. Strong flavours are meshed together for a bang of savoury zest and potions of seafood bliss.

Diving right into the mains: we opted for Oriental Barbecue Short Ribs — meat eaters will enjoy this dish. The flesh was tender on the inside and glazed with soy, honey, ginger and sweet potato puree. It was an incredible revelation and a rare combination of flair and substance. Each cut and bite was followed by a moment of silence. I strongly believe that a perfect taste makes you speechless enough to process the food and take in and feel each flavour — a sure sign of pure perfection and satisfaction.

We ended this lunch with a stunning dessert — Blossom Tree featuring cotton candy, chocolate caramel mousse, brownie and rose water ice cream and a red velvet cake with caramel ice cream. The texture and sweetness of these desserts is enough to convince you to keep some space, because they’re all worth it!

Timeless is quite timeless and a must-try for everyone. Unique dishes, delicious menu and pristine location… come for a meal or dessert but stay for the experience! ✤