A futuristic health tracker from the comfort of your home’s bathroom.

Ever wondered if it was possible to get health data by carrying out a basic bodily function multiple times a day? U-Scan, a new product category at technology company Withings, helps unlock a wealth of health information via a regular at-home urine analysis.

The U-Scan is a versatile cartridge-based platform that has to be placed inside users’ toilets. It then detects, measures and analyses multiple biomarkers in urine, and sends the results to their phone on the company’s accompanying mobile app via wi-fi.

The device is splash and water resistant and urine or toilet pollutants cannot penetrate to the inside. Additionally, the product’s surface has been designed to be rinsed with each toilet flush, just like the ceramic of the toilet bowl. The technologically advanced pebble-shaped reader has interchangeable analysis cartridges that are designed to assess specific biomarkers without the need for external sample capture or strips.

The data capture is non-invasive, effortless, hands-free and automatic. Each cartridge lasts three months and can easily be changed to meet the users’ needs.

U-Scan has a Cycle Sync cartridge, which is an automatic hormonal-based cycle tracking solution, that provides accurate and hygienic urine testing for women. Giving them personalised insights to help build a cycle-adapted health routine without the mental load that accompanies most menstrual tracking.

With the Nutri Balance cartridge, it evaluates the impact nutrition and water intake has on users’ metabolism and accordingly suggests improvements and actionable insights like workouts, recipes and tips to help achieve users’goals. ✤