AMS discovered great food, great fun and kites at Fuwairit Kite Beach.

As we pulled up at Fuwairit Kite Beach, Tapestry Collection by Hilton (FKB), the convenience of parking right at the doorstep immediately caught our attention. A hospitable porter greeted us with a warm smile, deftly took charge of our bags and ushered us into the lobby.

What greeted us was nothing short of extraordinary – a check-in desk ingeniously crafted from half a VW Beetle, emanating a super funky vibe. We sank into plush green leather sofas and were offered a delightful welcome drink from a circulating platter. As we sipped, our eyes began to dance across the room. It was a visual feast – an eclectic mix of murals and furniture that ranged from shabby chic to ultra-modern. The atmosphere imbued with an airy, luminous quality that was both energising and calming.

Glancing through the expansive windows, we could see the swimming pool that beckoned invitingly. And just beyond that, the beach – a vibrant tableau of kites fluttering in the sky, providing a kaleidoscopic spectacle against the backdrop of sand and sea.

A Beach In Our Backyard

After a swift check-in, a buggy whisked us through the hotel complex to our King Kite Beach Room with Sea View. Sliding doors opened onto our very own slice of beach paradise. A large cushion beckoned, a hammock swayed gently in the breeze and a pair of sun loungers sat invitingly on the sand, all set to the soothing soundtrack of ocean waves kissing the shore.

The focal point of the room was an overhead fan, hewn from a single piece of dark wood, imparting an air of organic elegance. Practicality wasn’t overlooked either; bedside USB ports, recessed LED and black lighting and a sleek control panel for room automation ensured a seamless experience. Amenities were in abundance – a tea and coffee station, a well-stocked fridge, his and hers sinks and a luxurious walk-in rain shower. A vivid mural adorned the wall, adding an artistic touch to the space.

Culinary Diversity At The Rider

After a relaxing day soaking up the sun and swimming in the sea, we were ready for a delicious evening meal at The Rider, a casual dining spot serving up classic Middle Eastern and international cuisines.

We started with the FKBoush salad, a fresh and vibrant mix of greens, Arabic bread croutons, and a tangy pomegranate dressing.

For the main course, we ordered the grilled rib-eye steak which came with a choice of sides. We opted for the sautéed mushrooms and broccoli. The beef was cooked perfectly medium-well, with a nice char on the outside, and was incredibly tender and flavourful. The mushrooms paired nicely with the meat, soaking up the natural juices and the broccoli provided a fresh, green contrast. A side of parmesan truffle fries added a touch of decadence.

To finish our meal on a sweet note, we shared the Um Ali. It was warm and comforting with a delicate sweetness and the subtle hints of cardamom and saffron reminded us of winter holidays.

The atmosphere was lively yet relaxed. Families dined while overlooking the beach, with soft breezes carrying the scent of the sea as music played in the background, instantly putting us in vacation mode.

Next morning, we decided to burn off some calories with a visit to the hotel’s fully equipped gym. Situated in a separate building from the main complex, the space boasted a cutting-edge range of equipment, including free weights and cardio machines, leaving no room for fitness compromises. There was also a yoga studio, offering a tranquil setting for a morning stretch or meditative moment.

A Buffet Of Breakfast Choices

Feeling invigorated, we decided to check out the buffet breakfast – the spread was truly impressive. Hot options abounded, with a hearty selection of sausages, beans, hash browns, foul medames and much more. Those inclined towards lighter fare were equally catered to – a cold meat section perfectly complemented by an array of fresh salads. Maintaining the laid-back atmosphere from the previous evening, the experience was effortlessly relaxed. An à la carte menu was also on offer for those craving something extra. We opted for the Shakshuka – a simmering skillet of poached eggs nestled in a rich, spiced tomato and pepper sauce. We also indulged in the blueberry pancakes, which were nothing short of heavenly. Fluffy and light, each pancake was generously speckled with ripe blueberries, setting the tone for another relaxing day.

Al Fresco Barbecue Delights

Come lunchtime, the culinary festivities continued, this time in the form of an al fresco barbecue. The head chef himself was at the helm, expertly managing two egg-shaped barbecues that promised a smoky feast. What followed was a mixed grill that was a carnivore’s dream.

Calamari was cooked just right, offering a slightly chewy contrast to the delicately grilled shrimp. The whitefish had a flaky tenderness that made it effortlessly enjoyable. The baked potatoes on the side were executed to perfection. Their skin crisped to a golden hue, encasing a fluffy, buttery interior.

Endless Family Fun

While we indulged, a party atmosphere pervaded the surroundings. Families engaged in pool games, filling the air with laughter and splashes. The backdrop was further animated by kite surfing enthusiasts carving their paths across the bay. Their colourful kites soaring and dipping, adding an extra layer of excitement.

The hotel offers an extensive range of activities to keep everyone entertained day and night. Outdoor movie screenings run from 8pm onwards, allowing families to snuggle up under the stars. Karaoke in the yoga room from 7pm to 9pm promises fun for all ages. For more active pursuits, be sure to ask the front desk about beach volleyball, soccer and padel available during the day, weather permitting. Families can also bond over board games and billiards available all day long. The kite school even provides activities for school kids every day from 9am to 5pm, subject to weather and tide conditions. With this exciting lineup, there’s always something to do.

In conclusion, you’d be hard-pressed to find a place like this in Doha that offers such unparalleled access to the beach, seamlessly merging indoor luxury with an outdoor lifestyle. The atmosphere is so laid-back that heading to dinner in your shorts feels perfectly acceptable. Add to this a treasure trove of sporting activities that keeps both adults and children engrossed for hours on end, and you have a well-rounded experience that’s both relaxing and invigorating. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, a parent or someone simply looking to unwind, this hotel comes highly recommended for offering a genuine escape without the formality. ✤