They say the early bird catches the worm, and FACT’s Craig Ferriman was an early riser for a great breakfast at Twisted Olive.

Candid confession: we’re not really breakfast people. It’s not that we don’t like eating, we just struggle to wake up in time and usually miss it! So, we set the alarm to be sure not to miss the chance to check out Twisted Olive, which is all the rave right now.

Located at the foot of the iconic Burj Doha, this is the place where you’ll see city slickers, office workers, Qatari glitterati, gym bunnies and discerning foodies all passing through. The shrubbery that hides the bustle of the big city skyscrapers creates a café oasis indicative of the modern city and our first impression was that this is a lovely place to be.

This is an all-day bistro, made in Qatar, and dedicated to an innovative modern menu incorporating local ingredients. You can have afternoon tea, lunch or grab a coffee after work with friends. Breakfast is a hit though and for good reason, too.

Tucking into a Turkish twist on a British classic, we begin by tasting the Turkish sesame seed bread which comes with a side plate of Devonshire cream, rosewater and wildflower honey, which we’re now finding ways to justify having every day. The bread is made fresh in-house and the honey is imported but hard to come by. We hope the chef keeps it tightly locked away! Beans and toast may not ordinarily grab us by the title but we’re glad we are persuaded to try it because this is another Turkishinspired treat. A bread with cheesy baked eggs is served as a portion for one with a side dish of breakfast beans and feta cheese. Not being morning folk, we opt for one of their ginger shots, which come in a corked test tube sitting in a glass with three rocks of ice so you can sip it slowly or down it in one, as we do, injecting a spark of energy and feeling the lovely burn on the throat. Now we feel awake! We get especially excited when the mushrooms on toast arrive. Served on grilled toast, the eyecatching plate features scrambled eggs, sautéed mushrooms, and a decorated Hollandaise drizzle. Sensational.

The Mexican breakfast bowl is a popular and hearty option that’s also highly recommended. The bowl contains scrambled eggs, chicken taco mince, avocado, spicy beans, salsa, sour cream and cheddar tortillas. Those with a sweet tooth are spoiled for choice. We are amazed and in awe of the wildflower honey baklava cheesecake that we try. I push my fork through the delicate array of honey nut parcels, pistachios, rose petals and walnuts that mount a buttery and honey-tastic cheesecake. When you go out for something special, you want something a bit different and exciting.

The food here will blow your socks off. The staff are exceptionally well trained and really operate as a team remembering that oft-forgotten rule of service, that the customer is everything. This is probably why the place is usually very busy and customers return. We certainly can’t wait to go back and we’d rank it as one of our top food havens in the city. Luckily for the alarm-clock averse like us, you can order anything from the menu there, any time of the day. ✤