Consistency and Quality To The Fore

Fadi El Haddad, Executive Chef at Pullman Doha West Bay, talks management style and new developments.

What is your earliest kitchen memory that inspired you to become a chef?
I grew up around food and restaurants in Beirut. In addition, my mother’s food has a special taste and aroma using fresh ingredients. These things inspired me to study hotel management to become a chef. Cooking with passion and sprinkling in a touch of soul, that’s what makes the difference to my food.

What is the secret to managing such a large team? With 60 chefs under your direction, there must be challenges ensuring that everyone is working well together and high quality is maintained?
Trusting your team and building good relations with the chefs definitely has a big impact on having smooth operations. You need to give a free hand to the seniors so the juniors learn to be decision makers, evaluating situations and solving issues. You must also put the emphasis on consistency, quality and brand standards to keep our guests satisfied.

Are there any new developments – restaurant outlets, menu revisions etc… for patrons to look forward to in the coming months at Pullman?
Menu revisions happen every six months and we make changes according to market trends and guest evaluation, injecting new dishes based on local ingredients, for example our Camel Burger. We have a new menu for BiCE business lunch and we’re also introducing the QATARITALY Brunch for Qataris and residents and the Italian community to discover cultural dishes from Italy at BiCE restaurant.
Further, we plan to open the elegant hookah lounge serving traditional and fusion dishes to our clientele on the third floor.

What is your signature or favourite dish, how was it developed and what makes it popular?
As a Lebanese Mediterranean chef my speciality cuisine is a combination from the countries around the Mediterranean Sea. However, I also enjoy experimenting with different ceviches which shine due to their fresh ingredients and bright, local flavours. ✤