As we swoon over and head into the last half of Doha’s cooler climes, FACT’s Anushay Taimur Khan headed to Al Mirqab Boutique Hotel in Souq Waqif to try their Lebanese restaurant, Al Terrace – only to find the most delightful spread.

On a surprisingly windy evening, I headed to Souq Waqif to give Al Terrace a try again. A previouswinner at the FACT Dining Awards, I was curious to see what more they could bring to the table this time around. As the meek winds of Doha announced the arrival of a welcomed
winter, I was very pleased to have an outdoor table available. Live music played right in front of me, completely setting the mood for my date night!

As I found a cosy spot next to the heater, I was served with my starters almost immediately. I had left the menu selection to the restaurant and wanted to see what the chef could add to my already quaint appetite for Lebanese cuisine. For starters, I was served with hummus, salad, and fettet hummus.

For someone who has recently developed a taste for Arabic food, I am very particular about my selection of delicacies. I found the hummus very creamy, complimenting the warm, freshly made bread, and I was completely swooning. A shocker for me was the salad, as it has always been my least favourite item on the menu. I always prefer my salad with meat to add some texture, but this particular one had a special pomegranate sauce which was giving it such a unique flavour that I had to go for a second helping. The fettet hummus had just the right amount of minced lamb and spicy yogurt in it to give it that extra zip – SO good.

As the night got colder and my love for winters in Doha was trumped by my shivering hands not allowing me to eat anything, we moved the party indoors. A very simple set up, the indoor dining was arranged within a few minutes and my little Lebanese food jouney resumed. The second I bit into the kebabs from the mixed platter, I knew exactly why this restaurant is award wining. Succulent, juicy and simply exquisite. The marination, the welldone beef kofta, the heavenly shish taouk, and the piquant vegetables that were served with the meat; this restaurant and I were a match made in the food heaven. The light music from outside accompanied by the fine refreshments was the ideal way to start the weekend

For me, no meal is complete without dessert. And even when I say, “I’m full”, it always means “where’s my dessert?”. I was served the Kunafa and frankly, I did not really have high expectations for it as I do have a few personal favourites for this particular dessert around town. Well, move over Kunafa candidates, there’s a new bad boy in town. I feel like no one has praised their Kunafa enough to be on the top of every list. The sweet sauce drenched the Kunafa just the right amount and I couldn’t help myself – scooping up every last bit until my plate was clean. It was light, the amount of vermicelli on it was perfect, and I was simply feeling blessed to have found this treat in the first place My overall experience at Al Terrace was absolutely amazing. Their service is good, the team is welcoming and attentive and I could see that everyone around me was also on the same level of laid-back and enjoyment. Combined with the live entertainment and excellent food, I was in a rush to get back. In fact, I already booked there for a family dinner before leaving! ✤