Mondrian Doha and Fire Station are collaborating to accelerate Qatar’s budding arts scene.

Mondrian Doha, one of the city’s leading hotels that celebrates fashion, art, culture and music, has collaborated with Fire Station on their Artist in Residence programme. The two have come up with a cultural initiative dedicated to supporting Qatar’s art scene by offering local creatives a platform to display their talent. The collaboration was inaugurated with an exhibition titled Metaphoric Growth, aiming to empower and promote Qatari artists and their work, including those in the Artist in Residence programme.

The launch of the first series of the exhibition was held at Mondrian Doha’s Frozen Forest Lobby Lounge, in the presence of representatives from Fire Station and the hotel as well as local media.

Mikel Ibrahim, General Manager of Mondrian Doha, said: “Art and design have always been an integral part of Mondrian’s DNA. Inspired by Marcel Wanders’ ingenious, sophisticated and original architecture and design, we naturally draw inspiration from contemporary art, heritage, fashion and pop culture. We are proud to collaborate with Fire Station, who are in harmony with our bold and creative identity and share our commitment to empowering local talents to further create, flourish and grow.

Khalifa Al Obaidly, Director of Fire Station Artist in Residence, commented: “We are excited to collaborate with Mondrian Doha to inspire local artists and nurture new talent as part of the Fire Station’s annual Artist in Residence programme. This collaboration aligns with the Fire Station’s aim to provide a platform that will act as a springboard for established and aspiring artists to explore and showcase their creative talent to Qatar and the world.”

Metaphoric Growth highlighted artworks by Fatima Javed, the first Fire Station artist to display her work at Mondrian Doha. Her stoneware paper clay sculptures reflect the transformational process that every individual goes through and encapsulate the emotional transitions.

Fatima said: “I am delighted to have my sculptures exhibited at Mondrian Doha in collaboration with Fire Station. Such cultural collaboration provides a significant platform for artists to showcase their artworks to the wider community and art enthusiasts.

“Metaphoric Growth showcases stoneware paper clay sculptures that metaphorically reflect the transitional period of my emotions from hardship to stability expressing growth and perseverance. I am grateful for such an opportunity that will enable me to grow and flourish pushing the boundaries for creativity.” ✤