Creating Social Culinary Experiences

We quizzed Mussa Fati, Executive Chef at The Ned Doha, to learn about the hotel’s diverse gastronomic offerings, unique hands-on culinary experiences, new developments and more.

The Ned Doha has introduced a variety of dining experiences this year. Can you walk us through some of the key highlights and personal favourites among these offerings?
One of my main highlights for this year is our new Afternoon Tea featuring our signature dessert: croissant donuts topped with chocolate and toasted almonds. They’re filled with vanilla custard, layered with chocolate sauce and sprinkled with almonds. Come and try it!

The culinary landscape at the hotel is rich and diverse. Could you share insights into the innovative concepts and creative elements that you’ve brought to the hotel’s dining experiences?
Our hotel offers a diverse experience. We have several restaurants but we’re adding new layers to our offerings. We have introduced a Family Brunch every Saturday, where families can dine together, play and enjoy activities, while the kids have fun with a jam-packed activities programme at Ned’s Cafe.

With the introduction of unique events like Cecconi’s Masterclass Series, what inspired you to incorporate hands-on culinary experiences, and how have guests responded to these interactive sessions?
We wanted to share our knowledge and skills with guests in the wider community, giving back every day. The Masterclasses have been fantastic, with more than 50 guests in January alone. We will continue offering interesting hands-on classes with professional chefs based on what our guests love to learn.

In what ways does The Ned Doha incorporate local flavours and ingredients into its menus while staying true to its global culinary identity?
We source local ingredients from Qatari farmers and collaborate with local suppliers, such as Heenat Salma Farm. Through educational visits, we ensure our staff, guests and members know about Qatar’s products, staying 100% sustainable.

How do you believe The Ned’s dining options contribute to its reputation as a hub for entertainment and social interaction?
We focus on designing menus tailored to our guests, constantly elevating dining experiences. Our entertainment complements our food, creating a welcoming atmosphere where guests can feel at home and socialise at any time of the day.

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