Wyze, a company known for its smart home cameras, has shifted gears and put out a new air purifier.

The new device comes with three different filters: Allergen Standard, Formaldehyde Premium and Wildfire. Other filters are available to purchase. The air purifier works with the Wyze app, helping users control their device easily with in-depth, easy-toread indoor/outdoor AQ tracking.

Once it is set up it sends users real-time status updates as well as alerts when it needs cleaning. Each purifier can clean a 4.6sq/m room more than three times in an hour (350 m3/h CADR).

The Allergen filter cleans allergens and odours as well as bacteria and viruses from the air, while the Formaldehyde filter cleans pollutants as well as substances like formaldehyde. The Wildfire filter is added for special use and offers maximised protection against debris, gases and odours from fires.

The machine is as quiet as a whisper with its lowest level of noise being 21 decibels and its highest being 54 decibels. It has laser particle detection and also reports on the air quality in the room, measured by its Precision Sensors down to 0.3 microns. It sends allergen alerts so you can be sure to avoid having a stuffy nose. All its filters are True HEPA with granulated carbon for 99.97% elimination of a wide range of irritants and pollutants. ✤