A hot topic in the travel industry, travelling alone has a lot of appeal. You get to step out of your own comfort zone, throw itineraries and plans out the window, do things at your own pace and enjoy some real me-time. Thankfully, there are plenty of destinations and types of holidays made to cater for just this…

If adventure is your thing, then get ready for Kyrgyzstan. It’s vast and stunning landscape is drawing more and more trekkers to tackle high elevation peaks and alpine lakes in the heart of the Tian Shan “Heavenly” mountains. Kyrgyzstan reigns as a peaceful haven in the midst of Asia. Besides a few large cities, Kyrgyzstan is just wild expanses of nature speckled with small villages and random nomadic yurt camps tending to herds of horses, sheep, and yaks. The saying “back to basics” comes to mind as a trek in Kyrgyzstan might just be the reminder you need about living a less is more lifestyle. Untouched by glitzy buildings, this is where nature takes centre stage. Hike around the 10,000ft-high Lake Song Kul or the country’s gorgeous snowcapped mountains, raging waterfalls, and immense glaciers.
Of Sokuluk and Ala-Archa Gorges, and how about the walking tour of Arslanbob, a small town in the province of Jalal-Abad with a naturally growing walnut forest. The surroundings are yours to explore!

One of the most peaceful and intuitive solo trips to take in Asia has to be through Southern Indochina. We’re talking Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam. Not only is Asia one big bustle of cultures and lifestyle, it will also throw you out of your comfort zone whilst providing the opportunity to experience some of the most mindful communities, cultural sites and insanely-good food. Wherever you can, get around using local transport, especially as South East Asia has some of the craziest variety to offer – from tuk tuks to mopeds. Check out the vibrant Thai capital of Bangkok with its many night markets, cross over to Phnom Penh in Cambodia and take a sunset bike ride around the serene landscapes, then continue to Vietnam with its many one-of-a-kind cities and picturesque bays. Along the way, explore the ancient temples of Angkor and cruise between floating fishing villages on Lake Tonle Sap – the choice is all YOURS.

There’s no better way to really take in travel than through the food of a nation. And if your palate permits, a self-prescribed foodie holiday might just be what the doctor ordered. We’re talking from the northern Italian Dolomites where Casunziei (ravioli stuffed with pumpkin or spinach) is a staple, through to Bologna’s famous Tortellino, Florence’s Ribollita (classic Florentine cabbage-andbean soup with old Tuscan bread), all the way through Rome where Carbonara reigns supreme, down to the renowned Neopolitan Pizza and finishing in Palermo’s pretty markets where street food like arancini (rice balls stuffed with meat sauce and cheese) and panelle (chick pea fritters) all make an appearance. If the task of eating your way through an entire country is too daunting, fear not, we’d highly recommend some of the world’s most thriving cities like Tokyo, New York, Mumbai or London, too.