Smoke Indoors

Enjoy mouth-watering barbecue preparations at home with GE Profile’s first-of-its-kind indoor smart smoker.

The cooking method of smoking food is thoroughly enjoyed by many. Unfortunately, the preparation process is far from easy when taking into consideration the specific equipment, sufficient space and the huge time commitment it requires.

Bringing a novel solution to the table is the new GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker. Effectively combining innovative technology and countertop convenience, the appliance provides a revolutionary way to experience the joys of smoking food by simplifying the arduous cooking process.

To achieve taste profiles on par with traditional contraptions, this gadget generates that familiar smoky flavour using wood pellets that circulate the smoke throughout the inside of the smoker. Its pioneering Active Smoke Filtration technology keeps the smoke inside the unit and not in the kitchen.

Easy to use for a novice as well as a seasoned professional, users can dial in the smoke intensity and temperature independently as there are two separate heat sources for burning pellets and cooking foods.

The unit features five adjustable smoke settings that lets users control the smoke levels until they find their ideal spot. There are six preset food settings that help achieve optimal results when cooking brisket, chicken wings, chicken breast, salmon and more. To ensure consistent results, users can also set their desired smoke levels and monitor the cooking progress from anywhere by using the SmartHQ app.

The sleek looking Indoor Smoker has a small footprint but a large capacity and its removable racks and drip trays are also dishwasher safe. ✤