The latest E-Class from Mercedes-Benz marries the model’s long history with the trendsetters of the brand’s EQs.

Available at Nasser Bin Khaled Automobiles, the 2024 model boasts a new modern look that builds a bridge to the avant-garde trendsetters in the Mercedes-Benz EQ range, while continuing with the long history of the classic E-Class performance, harmoniously combining tradition and modernity.

The 2024 Mercedes E-Class Sedan maintains the unique character of the legendary model but thoughtfully adds progressive stylistic elements that are characteristic of innovative dynamism such as the illuminated radiator grille and the elegantly stylish rear end design with fascinating lighting details.

The interior is well equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology that elevates the driving experience to higher levels. The Digital Light with projection function offers the highest level of visibility and comfort for drivers’ safety. It reacts to changing traffic conditions, the carriageway and the weather to ensure optimised light adapted to the situation for a wide field of vision at all times.

Designed with software-driven intelligence, the new E-Class Sedan achieves new dimensions of digital customisation. The new infotainment generation MBUX offers the latest functions and services as well as opportunities for interaction between you and your E-Class. All displays form an integrated aesthetic experience and can be personalised with display styles, modes and colour themes.

The MBUX Superscreen also features a selfie and video camera on top of the dashboard. When the vehicle is stationary, the driver can participate in online video conferences.

The Burmester 4D sound system, with Dolby Atmos surround sound and 17 individual speakers, is remarkable.

The Multicontour Seat package with memory and massage functions provides separate controls for the driver and front passenger. The extended comfort control lets users select different massage programmes.

With the Acoustic Comfort package, the E-Class strives for optimised sound insulation.

While driving, the head-up display transforms the windscreen into a digital cockpit. With the virtual, full-colour image, drivers always have a direct view of key information.

Additionally, the latest E-Class is equipped with a Digital Vehicle Key feature which enables unlocking, starting and locking of the car using a compatible device without having to carry a physical vehicle key around. ✤