Maserati fans can now create their own unique one-off vehicles, thanks to the launch of the Italian marque’s its Fuoriserie customisation programme.

Announced during the debut of the mid-engined super sports car MC20 in 2020, Maserati is offering the programme in selected markets around the world, giving customers the chance to tailor Maserati’s existing models to their own tastes and personality.

Meaning ‘custom-built’ in the manufacturer’s native Italian, Fuoriserie provides a suite of customisation options for the Quattroporte, Ghibli, and Levante models. Customers can start writing their own audacious story by choosing one of three unique collections: Corse, Unica, and Futura.

Representing the past, present, and future of Maserati, they have outfitted each collection with unique exterior and interior finishes. The luxury Italian brand also works closely with each customer throughout the customisation process to ensure the bespoke vehicle reflects the driver’s true spirit and vision.

The first option, dubbed Corse (traditional), is geared towards gentlemen drivers and lovers of timeless style. It’s distinguished by its motorsport-inspired liveries derived from the historic competition models. The second, named Unica (of the moment), features a range of wild paint choices meant to reinterpret fashion, art and culture. Finally, the Futura (futuristic) design theme caters to sports-minded customers and tech lovers.

The programme’s abilities are showcased in the Ghibli Trofeo in Corse trim, featuring an Officine Aluminum matte paint job with a pair of red racing stripes covering the length of the sports sedan. The car also gets big two-tone wheels and red brake calipers. Inside, the Alcantara headlining and trimmed tan leather seats contrast with the Officine Aluminum details.

The Quattroporte Trofeo Unica features a white paint job with rainbow-colored metallic flakes, while the windows have a multicolored finish – in shades of yellow, green, orange, blue, and purple – that vary in colour depending on the viewing angle. Inside, Maserati has opted for white and turquoise upholstery.

Finally, the Levante Trofeo Futura uses a Textured Blue Graphite paint job for the first time, along with a rough satin finish and small cross-shaped reflectors that highlight the 3D scan points. The interior of this one-off version sports Alcantara and white leather seats.

In Qatar, Alfardan Sports Motors, the official and authorised importer of Maserati, launched the Fuoriserie programme a year ago. The team of experts at Maserati’s showroom in The PearlQatar’s Medina Centrale helps customers channel the Italian brand’s rich heritage through their own lens. ✤