Lovers of musical theatre are in for a treat as students and staff of Education City’s Pre-University Education (PUE) Theatre take to the stage in a production focussing on Arabic music.

Taking place from March 6 to 8, this year’s edition of SHOWTIME! will feature medleys from beloved childhood movies and iconic musicals from both the West End and Broadway. Performances in Arabic – guided by Dana Al Meer – and English will be delivered by native and non-native speakers.

Chris Piper, Producer and Creative Director, said: “Participating in the performing arts is crucial for a child’s growth and school journey. It instills discipline and boosts confidence, pushing them to exceed their expectations.”

Reflecting on the beginnings of SHOWTIME! in 2019, Chris shared his initial uncertainty about the programme’s reception and his subsequent amazement at the talent and enthusiasm it has garnered. According to him, each year the show has grown in scale and quality, with this year being particularly unique as up to 30% of the songs will be performed in Arabic.

“Integrating Arabic not only enriches the show but also pays homage to the local culture, making it a unique experience in the realm of musical theatre,” said Chris, explaining that the whole cast – comprising different nationalities – will perform the songs in Arabic. “This year, we’re celebrating family-friendly musicals, making it a fantastic outing for everyone. We’re eager for audiences to experience this unique blend of musical theatre, especially with the addition of Arabic language performances, which makes it even more special for our diverse cast and audience.”

Noura Abdelhadi Al Marri, a nine-year-old student from Qatar Academy Al Wakra, said: “I love being part of SHOWTIME! It’s a lot of fun. I get to do what I love and share my talents with everyone. Last year, I wasn’t sure I could do it, but I did, and it was awesome! And that’s why I’m back again this year.”

Felix Alexander, an 11-year-old student at Qatar Music Academy, spoke about returning this year, saying: “The coolest part is the show itself. When you’re up there on stage and everyone is watching, it’s awesome.

“This year, the show is different – there are new dances, new songs and new costumes. I even got to sing in Arabic, which was totally new for me since I don’t really speak or understand it.

“At the start, it was tough, but I learned so much, like how to be braver. And this has helped me become more confident. I’d like to tell other kids they should also try it. It’s more than just being brave; it’s fun, keeps you moving and you learn a lot. And yes, it’s hard work, but totally worth it.”

SHOWTIME! Is taking place at the PUE Theatre in Qatar Foundation’s Education City. Tickets cost QR150 and are available to purchase from Q Tickets, eventdetails/5933656358/showtime-2024