Heritage For A Modern Age

FACT took to the roads in Maserati’s new high-performance model, the GranTurismo, a fully loaded beast with cutting-edge tech and a whole lot of style.

The first Maserati GranTurismo was introduced to the public 75 years ago with the release of the classic A6 1500. Today, the globally renowned sports car manufacturer has breathed fresh life into GranTurismo’s lineage with the unveiling of a stunning new model.

We were invited by the team at Alfardan Sports Motors Maserati Qatar to test drive the brand’s latest creation, an opportunity we whole-heartedly accepted.


The moment we laid eyes on the GranTurismo, we were captivated by its unique yet immediately recognisable lines. Maserati have maintained the classic proportions that fans of this two-door, four-seater sports coupé have admired for so long, while managing to further enhance its already massive appeal.

The elongated bonnet announces the car in style, a feature that kept us staring at the front end for quite some time, taking in the sheer beauty of the design. Adding to the fresh and sporty feel of the face are vertical lights that lead the eye to the car’s black front grille, with gloss black slats and brushed chrome outline, complete with the brand’s iconic 3D trident logo.

Shifting our attention to the flanks, we appreciated the intersection of the bonnet and central body with the three iconic Maserati air vents. Adding to the sporty prowess of the GranTurismo is the sloping roofline highlighting the overall aerodynamic design of the vehicle, dropping dramatically to emphasise the curve of the pillar – which also features the trident logo. The 20-inch wheels at the front and 21-inch at the back, coupled with prominent brake callipers, hint at the sporty performance of this potent-looking sports car.

At the back end, we immediately noticed the fresh, full LED taillights, the design of which is a mix between the brand’s classic boomerang and harpoon forms. The brushed chrome accent above the rear trident logo and the chromeplated exhaust terminals add further touches of class to the distinguished exterior design.


Once inside the GranTurismo, we sat in amazement absorbing the sheer mastery that Maserati have managed to accomplish. Even though we expected only the best from this luxury brand, they still managed to surprise and impress with the intoxicating nature of the interior.

The pure and contemporary feel of the luxurious cabin is achieved through the seamless merging of Italian artisan tradition and state-of-the-art technology. What was also instantly recognisable, was how every interior component is devoted to functionality, with all controls in touch format. The absence of a gear lever means the space now features a series of useful compartments that offered a great spacious impact.

The quality craftsmanship of the distinctive dashboard stood out, with its slim and elegant upper section appearing to soar over the main part beneath. Other must-mention interior features include the sporty yet comfortable seating in both the front and the rear, along with the new multifunctional sports steering wheel.

The more we looked around the cabin, the more we noticed the use of top-end materials and an obsessive attention to every detail.


Although the look and feel of Maserati’s latest GranTurismo is beyond impressive, it was only once we took a good look at the included tech that the car began to raise itself well above other would-be competitors in the luxury sports car segment.

Firstly, the Maserati Intelligent Assistant (MIA) system delivers an unparalleled digital experience, providing fluidity and responsiveness, as well as allowing for online updates and customisation. We also admired the new, tailor-made digital interfaces that provide an exceptional setup. The GranTurismo houses a 12.3-inch central display and an 8.8-inch comfort display. Both touchscreens are ergonomically positioned to facilitate easy access to the controls and the system is very user-friendly.

Maserati’s exclusive new quick gesture control allowed us to effortlessly control the cabin’s temperature without taking our eyes off the road ahead. Even more impressive was the reconfigurable head-up display that minimises driver distractions by projecting key information such as speed, maps and directions directly onto the windscreen.

Our other must-mention tech features include the 12.2-inch digital dashboard that wraps around the steering wheel and the classic Maserati digital clock with multiple customisable functionalities. Additionally, the exceptional Sonus faber sound system and the digital rear-view mirror that changes into a display for the rear-view camera raise the GranTurismo to an even higher level of excellence.

“The elongated bonnet announces the car in style, a feature that kept us staring at the front end for quite some time, taking in the sheer beauty of the design.”


Once we managed to pull ourselves away from the incredible design details, it was time to get the new GranTurismo out onto the road. Maserati have powered the model with the performance focused engine, The Nettuno – a six-cylinder engine with twinturbos, giving you 490hp in the Modena version and 550hp in the Trofeo trim. In any engine trim, you are pressed back to your seats with a smile spread from ear-to-ear. We were pleased to experience the control delivered by the steering, braking and suspension system. The car is not only super-fast but effortlessly handles corners, even at higher speeds.

We were also impressed that the GranTurismo has an allwheel drive transmission for the added traction to keep you safe on slick roads.

A rotary dial on the steering wheel allowed us to select between four driving modes. COMFORT for a relaxed journey, GT for everyday city driving and SPORT for an exhilarating dose of performance experience. The Trofeo Engine trim is also equipped with the CORSA driving mode for that extra track performance the Italians are known for. The GranTurismo gave us an interactive driving experience through its comprehensive suite of advanced driver assistance and safety features.


The Trofeo is the version with the highest performance capabilities in the new GranTurismo trims, powered by the Nettuno engine. The explicit focus is on performance, while never sacrificing comfort. This trim level is suited to enthusiasts of sports and adrenaline-fuelled performance, based on a high-performance engine paired with an elegant and luxurious silhouette. ✤