First created by the Guerlain House in 1999 and added to each year by Thierry Wasser, the Aqua Allegoria collection continues to awaken the senses.

Like scented odes to nature and joy, these seductive fragrances enchant with their subtle sophistication and everlingering freshness. Designed using a fusion of unexpected notes that showcase one ingredient, each of these hedonistic compositions brings one of the most beautiful gardens in the world to life with creativity and a dreamy, lasting freshness. Each of the colourful postcards in the Aqua Allegoria perfume collection creates joy, frees the imagination and captivates with its cheerful fragrance. And with 12 different versions to choose from, what results is a sensuous, pleasurable journey to some of the world’s most stunning landscapes – every time. With its delicate golden honeycomb design and emblematic bee engraved onto the top, the Aqua Allegoria bottle is a beautifully pared-down, graceful homage to the famous Bee Bottle and is available in 12 distinct scents.

Orange Soleia, Granada Salvia, Ginger Piccante, Bergamote Calabria, Flora Cherrysia, Rosa Rossa, Herba Fresca, Mandarine Basilic, Coconut Fizz, Pera Granita, Passiflora and Pamplelune. Two new fragrant escapes from Thierry Wasser and Delphine Jelk are the Orange Soleia and Granada Salvia. Lemony citrus notes define the Orange Soleia, set against a backdrop of wooded notes and Tonka bean.

A hearty blood orange is cut through with the freshness of mint, pink peppercorns, and bergamot, thereby evoking images of Sicilian citrus groves and laughter in the sunshine. Fruity Citrus defines the Granada Salvia, like a run through a warm Andalusian garden, resulting in a sensory experience of pomegranate with aquatic, green acidic accents and red fruit.

These are carried by the crisp freshness of blackcurrant, cypress, lemon and bergamot and elegantly swirled with sage and rose with notes of white musks, moss and patchoulili. Whether purchased as a gift or for yourself, these fragrances are as infectiously joyous as a smile. Embark on an incredible journey of escape and make one your very own. Each Aqua Allegoria serves as a stunning invitation to take flight in the imaginary and to discover joy via a sensory escape. ✤