All you need t o throw the ultimate outdoor bash is a good space and FACT’s useful tips and tricks to set up the perfect party setting in your backyard…


Level Out: The area you choose when you plan a party outdoors should be flat enough for tables and chairs, and the terrain should allow for guests to mingle comfortably without the fear of stumbling.

The Theme: Decide on a theme, if you want one, then make, buy, or borrow any decorations you may need. Don’t forget to inform guests on your invitations. Line up any help you need: anyone who can help with pre or post-party cleaning, or to pass drinks or appetisers, replenish buffet food, tidy up, and generally take some weight off your shoulders.

Line Up Any Help You Need:

Consider hiring a professional, a part-time student, or anyone who can help with pre- or post-party cleaning, or to pass drinks or appetisers, replenish buffet food, tidy up, and generally take some weight off your shoulders.

Create a Playlist: Whether it’s the best of summer songs, DJ recommended chill-out tunes, or something relative to your guests’ personal tastes, music is key. Either set up speakers outside, or use a portable sound system to play your music.


Grilling: A bbq is the perfect choice because it allows for smoke to travel into open air, but also helps to lure all your hungry guests to the table. Meats, chicken, seafood and some veggies can all be cooked on a bbq, so even if you have fussy eaters – everyone will be catered to.

Fresh Fruits & Salads: Autumnal produce like nuts, beetroot, figs, mushrooms, pomegranate, pumpkin and cranberries, are just some of the foods that play into the garden theme.

Self-serve Drink Station: This is a party must and deserves a long table all to itself. Arrange a variety of beverage options with all the necessary accessories. Popular drinks for garden parties include fruit punch, iced tea and lemonade. Make sure all drinks are served at the temperature they’re supposed to be!

Cold Desserts: Remember, in the GCC, winter just means less hot and humid than usual. So, ice creams, sorbets, milkshakes and homemade ice pops are still a must!




Larger Than Life: If you’ve got some cardboard boxes lying around, cut numerous large squares and write a letter on each one – voila, garden Scrabble anyone? Don’t forget, there are plenty of online websites that sell giant games like Connect 4 and Jenga too.

Get Into Teams: Get absolutely everyone involved and go for the classics like charades, musical statues and musical chairs – these games get people energised and in a fun spirit – that’s what you want for a successful garden party.

Use What You Have: Assess the mood at your party and if guests are relaxing and prefer a chilled atmosphere, just whip out a deck of cards and gather around with drinks for some quick, fun games.


Outdoor Furniture: We’re thinking rustic tables, wooden benches, foldout chairs, sunbeds, comfy cushions and everything in between. Having the right outdoor furniture can really add a comfort value that guests will appreciate. If there’s grass – perfect. Lay down large thick blankets with cooler
sheets on top and decorate with garden pillows for comfort.

Accessories: We’re talking tableware, tree hangings, dessert stands, drink glasses, and anything used to decorate the surroundings. If your party is going on into the evening, use lots of cool lanterns with candles inside or string lighting, hung haphazardly on walls and branches, to create an inviting mood. Opt for the new milk bottle-style glasses for serving drinks, with funky straws.

Shaded Areas: It’s all about the lighting. You don’t want the sun to be making your guests squint all the time, nor do you want them to strain their eyes to see. Use hanging umbrellas for something different as a way to create shade, or put up a canopy, tent, or even chose to host the party in a gazebo – it’s all about thinking out of the box to bring a sense of occasion. ✤