We caught up with Maryam Salman, who shares her lifestyle in fashion and travel with her 44,000 followers on @maryaamsalman from her homes in Doha and Riyadh as well as her jaunts around the world.

How and why did you go from being a banker to an influencer? When did you know the time was right to quit banking?
After two years in wealth management, I wanted to study for my masters and continue on the same path – finance. But, during my studies in Los Angeles, I realised that was not what I could see myself doing anymore. I always had a passion for fashion but it was something I did on the side, so I decided to make it my main career instead. I definitely feel more myself working in fashion.

Your Instagram page gives your location as RiyadhDoha-San Diego – where to you call home and what makes it home?
I’m half Saudi half Qatari so I have two homes. Doha is where my mum is and Riyadh is where my husband is and they both make the two cities home. I’m in San Diego temporarily for personal reasons, hopefully not for long.

You regularly mention your travels with content from destinations as diverse as Berlin, Mykonos and Edinburgh. Where’s your favourite place so far and where’s next on your list?
I want to visit as many counties as I can, it just makes me so happy and enriches my creativity. I always find myself going back to Spain, specially its islands like Mallorca, it’s definitely a favourite. I want to explore East Asia more in the future.

As a travel influencer, do you have any packing/safety/ general travel trips for your followers?
I used to overpack all the time but I’ve gotten better since I started to plan my outfits and make an album on my phone for them, it just makes packing so much easier and lighter. For safety I usually don’t post my location until I’ve left the place.

What influences your content – for example how did you come up with the concept of your bags and coffee cups series?
My content is influenced by the places I visit and the outfits I come up with, I just look for aesthetics everywhere. I was in London and I saw my friend Yasmin, who is an amazing content creator, take a photo of my bag and coffee cup and I thought it looked cute so I continued doing it with the rest of my bags.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Where do you hope this journey will take you?
Happy, healthy, achieving my goals and a mum. ✤