Ever wondered why so many customers opt to use Careem daily over other services or even over owning their own cars? Let’s explore a few possible reasons…



What’s more convenient than ordering a ride from your smartphone? Just a few taps on the app and you can choose the type of the car, pick your destination and pay for it through your credit card or cash. And let’s not forget you get your receipts electronically too. You can even choose your favourite driver!


Earned or unfair, taxis have a notorious and almost universal reputation for poor customer service. Whether it’s late pickup, getting the runaround on the shortest route or rough treatment from a driver whose been sitting in traffic all day, we’ve all had an experience. But that’s not the case with Careem. All the Captains go through a month long training, background and security checks and continuous rating check to guarantee the best service and experience for the users.


Let’s face it, anything that saves us money is destined for greatness. When you get a premium service such as the one offered by Careem at the same rate as current transport providers and let’s not forget that the price you see is the price you pay, which means no more surprises for travellers or the accountants who process their expense reports.

Tehseen Niaz said: “I have been a Careem customer since 2016. I always thought Careem was very expensive prior to using their services but their Packages offer is very beneficial to avoid the fare surges during rush hours.”

He continued: “One of the many occasions where Careem has been of great service is during a bbq family event at the beach in the Pearl District. I initially booked two cars to fit the number of guests and when we were returning we were surprised with a seven seater Prado, enough to fit all of our chairs and bbq sets – such a comfortable and hassle-free ending to the night. Overall, Careem cars certainly offer more than other providers.”

Yousuf Akhla further added: “I have been using Careem for about three years now; starting from when I was a student at CMU-Q and I heard about it through word-of-mouth on campus. I became a regular and a loyal Careem customer after they launched the Careem packages service. It’s good because firstly, it’s a cheaper option, based on my rough calculation and secondly, it helps me budget my monthly expenses well. I’ve had many cases where stories of Careem drivers left me inspired,” he added.

Careem was founded with the mission to improve and simplify people’s lives in the region and ended up living every event, every trip and every crisis with us. ✤