Paper Moon Doha Unveils the Faces Behind The Restaurant’s Italian Legacy

Paper Moon Doha, known for its authentic Italian cuisine, hosted an exclusive culinary affair on January 21, where the team behind this long-loved brand in Qatar met with media and socialites offering them a sneak peek into the restaurant’s journey.

The evening, hosted by Claudio Bertoni, owner of Paper Moon Doha, has shed some light on the brand’s rich history and the vibrant narratives behind each dish. Claudio, being a passionate storyteller, shared personal anecdotes, offering an insider’s view into the culinary heritage of the restaurant.

Paper Moon Doha is committed to using identical ingredients and flavours from the original Milan establishment maintaining its Italian roots, as Claudio elaborated to the guests. Claudio shared some nostalgic stories behind several of the restaurant’s special dishes such as the Gnocchi Truffle and the Risotto Porcini inspired by his childhood memories of his mother’s artistry. He also shared the story behind the renowned Pappardelle Paper Moon—a unique dish that was skilfully created in 1977 by his father-in-law.

Guests indulged in classics like Tiramisu, Fritto Misto, Risotto Porcini, Gnocchi Truffle, Monkfish, and Papardelle Paper Moon. Chef Francesco showcased his culinary prowess and engaged personally with guests, sharing the stories behind each dish as he went around the table. This created an extraordinary dining experience, blending Milanese flavours with influences from various regions across Italy.

Paper Moon’s culinary offerings have evolved beyond traditional favourites like Tiramisu and Panacota. The current menu appeals to a wider range of tastes, featuring popular options such as Bolognese, Monkfish, and Filetto Al Pepe. These dishes, celebrated both locally and internationally, exemplify the culinary excellence that characterizes the dining experience at Paper Moon restaurants.

Since its establishment in Milano in 1977, Paper Moon has grown into a global culinary phenomenon with nine distinctive locations. Paper Moon Doha, inaugurated in 2013, stands as a beacon of the brand’s commitment to delivering authentic Italian excellence. The recent expansion into London marks another chapter in Paper Moon’s journey to share the richness of Italian gastronomy with the world. Renowned for seamlessly fusing traditional flavours with contemporary flair, the restaurant offers an unparalleled dining experience that transcends borders and captivates enthusiasts worldwide.

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