Get caught in the vibrancy of the Italian table. Eat, sing, dance and laugh to your heart’s content. With Lucia, feel liberated and joyous, childish and carefree. These emotions transcend all ages, cultures and allow you to seize the day like it’s the last.

Since its founding in 1999, Alfardan Sports Motors, the Qatar-based conglomerate, has been recognised as one of the most dynamic and successful family businesses and global trendsetters in the region, thanks to its comprehensive portfolio of sports, luxury and lifestyle cars and automobiles from globally renowned Italian brands, including Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, and Abarth.

Candela Entertainment & Events specialises in sourcing and managing artists and entertainment, event management and production, serving the hospitality and tourism industry market in Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan and some parts of Asia and Europe since 2008.

Firma Events is a prestigious event agency representing top professional talents in Qatar. With many years of experience in the event industry and countless international productions, they have been recognised as a reliable and highly versatile partner for events.

Candeel offers handmade, organic 100% Qatari products crafted with love. Their candle bears the Arabic name of the oil lantern ‘Qindeel’ which has been borrowed by the Europeans as ‘candle’. The candles are based on natural elements extracted from soybeans and mixed with exotic fragrances accustomed to different tastes. They have a strong aroma with a hidden inspirational message and are used for skin treatment and massage.

The Perfume Factory is an ambitious project, headed by Mohammed Rashid Al Matwi, aiming to create and sell Made in Qatar perfumes locally and internationally. The perfumes they produce are thoughtfully designed with high attention to detail and uniqueness. The Perfume Factory offers an exceptional turnkey product experience with passion to develop a brand driven by entrepreneur spirit and thriving for success and high- quality standards.

Infusing the magic of an authentic chocolate experience with the richness of Arabic culture, Golden Gazelle chocolates aim to bring customers the purest chocolate experience by showing them the full potential of their magical delights.

A fashionista’s new best friend, every piece in their store is carefully curated and selected based on quality, trendiness and value. Now, you can access a variety of top-notch products from around the globe easily. Modishlust strives to bring you everything you need for your business ventures, memorable occasions and everyday encounters.