This event, at Nama Incubation in Souq Wakra, features 25 retailers offering perfumes, clothes and accessories, traditional handicrafts, toys and souvenir items.


Here’s something to consider for a weekend outing – Nama Winter Carnival in Souq Wakra, which was recently opened. Entrepreneurship Manager at Nama, Mohammed Alabdulghani, told media that the idea behind the carnival is to spotlight incubated projects and micro businesses in the country. “This carnival will attract many families and people to have a good time. We have traditional games and competitions all in one place,” he added.

The event features 25 retailers including perfumes, clothes and accessories, traditional handicrafts, toys and souvenir items. Also, food booths, a café shop, kids’ workshop with arts, painting and shirt printing, among others.


Mohammed added that the event is also a way to showcase local businesses. “This is a chance for our incubated projects to show the community the quality of their works and initiatives, and this in return will increase their sales and they will be more known in the market,” he said.

The first edition is drawing attention from the public, with families mostly enjoying the games the carnival is offering. Among them are carrom board, balloon darts, theatre, buzz wire, memory and connect four.

Due to public demand, the Entrepreneurship Manager also revealed that they will immediately start the second edition in February 2022.


“Although this is the first day of the opening, we are receiving many requests from home retailers to participate and those people are asking about this especially at this time of the year, the weather in Qatar is good for outdoor events. Also, we will be doing this yearly.” Alabdulghani said.

Nama Winter Carnival will be open every weekend from 4pm to 10pm until January 28, 2022. ✤