The Westin Doha Hotel & Spa has launched its new concept, The “Westin Winter Lodge”, a first of a kind set up in Qatar, bringing a completely unique standpoint to the city’s seasonal offerings.

LOCATED IN THE FIRST floor, set across the spacious terrace of Mix Lounge, the theme boasts a collection of five glass igloo-style lodges, each can accommodate up to six guests and a big wooden tent perfect for group gathering and special celebration. The décor promises maximum cosiness with pendulous baubles of lights that illuminates the place by night fluffy blankets, and innovative furniture, which will transport visitors to their favorite European mountain resorts and seasonal markets.



To add uniqueness to the experience, live entertainment will be available every night to create a vibrant atmosphere. Guests will also enjoy a wide array of heartwarming cold and hot , dishes such as a selection of charcuterie and cheese, baked brie with caramelized onions, sliders, tartiflette quasedilla, and an electic assortment of desserts like the spicy mini chocolate mousse cakes with KitKat crunch, cheescake bites Thrilled by this brand new development, Gianrico Esposito, General Manager of The Westin Doha Hotel & Spa, said: “We are excited to be the first Hotel to launch such a unique and different wintery experience in Qatar, The Westin Winter Lodge will be the perfect place for those who are not able to explore cooler destinations or visit the European markets and is certainly a distinctive spot to eat, drink and unwind with family and friends,” he added.



“We invite our guests to wtitness an ultimate seasonal gatherings from now until end of February and to come explore the opening of an extraordinary venue.”

The Westin Winter Lodge can accommodate up to 100 guests and will be open every day from 5pm to 2am. ✤