Showcasing original solutions for common kitchen problems; solved with a smile.

Life is too short for boring kitchen accessories. That is the founding principle behind Boutique Garnie, a Qatar-based online shop offering high-quality, decidedly cool kitchen accessories.

From cooking and baking to dining and beverage making, the brand looks to bring some extra joy to the kitchen. Boutique Garnie is adding genuine spice to the shopping arena in Doha. All orders are done through their website ( and they provide free and fast shipping to Doha as well as to other selected destinations.

Behind Boutique Garnie are the two kitchen kingpins Malu and James Marsault, a hotelier and a chef, with a passion for food and entertaining. The French start-up was founded by them during last year’s lockdown with the aim of bringing fun to the kitchens of Qatar residents. The brand wants to inspire customers by providing them with creative solutions for their daily lives and putting a smile on their faces at the same time.

The name Boutique Garnie is inspired from ‘bouquet garni’, which is a bundle of aromatic herbs tied up together with string. The brand founders like to explore how things can be done differently and offer original solutions for common kitchen problems. Malu outlined the brand mantra to us saying: “We believe that the kitchen is the most special place in the house.

There is a unique magnetism that makes the kitchen a place where people naturally gather not only to cook or eat, but also to just chill with family or friends. We want your kitchen to be a true reflection of you and add uniqueness to your space so you can make many more memorable moments.”

Give Boutique Garnie the once-over and bring some joy to your space. ✤