Top 4 Family Brunches in Doha

I don’t know about you guys but, the minute the clock strikes 5 on a Thursday evening, I don’t think about anything else but one thing: my brunch spot for Friday. So, it was only natural that we put together our pick for our personal choices for top few family brunches in Qatar.

Up first, we’re all about the Picnic Brunch at Al Aziziyah Hotel. Not only is the entire hotel set in the Victorian ages and is so Instragrammable, but, the fact that they have an entire space for kids to do their thing (like, be kids) is awesome. Being a mama of a toddler, I know how much I need my space and have my food in peace. So, I make use of the jumping castle and other activities here as I brunch away at the 5 live stations. Which one is my favorite? Ze Italian, my love! I recommend you go and get yourself a chef’s special pasta and be cheesy about it

 For Reservations: +974 4445 5555


If we speak of family brunches in Doha, we cannot not talk about La Veranda Brunch at Grand Sheraton Hotel. Not only is the Italian food delicious, you can find a lot of kid’s friendly items available on the menu. Simply enjoy the magnificent view from the terrace with the family as you start your weekend the right way!

For reservations:: +97444853000



While we’re still talking about good Indian food, can we ever forget Taj Rasoi and the spectacular Pool &  Brunch at the Doha Marriott Hotel? We most certainly cannot! This was honestly one of the most pleasant surprises for me because Doha Marriott Hotel has gotten their game very strong. They have their award-winning restaurants all lined up for the brunch and the mamas be steaking it at JW’s as the kids can simply enjoy some time by the pool (under careful supervision, of course) since that is what the Pool & Brunch is all about. If you find someone snoozing on those chairs, you know it’s me!

For reservations call:  4429 8888



Moving on, this one place is one of our favorites because the kids are distracted by the magician help around the hotel and straight towards their play area or, if you have an attention-seeking child like I do, there’s always a version of Frozen ready to be played for them! Yes, the Santa Monica Breakfast Club at the Grand Hyatt is the host of the ideal family where you get all the goodies in the world while your kids get all the attention they need. Set in a colorful restaurant with the option of American & Arabic brunch, this place is a winner. The perfect sunlit room that buzzes of conversation, variety of juices and a really good time, this family brunch is a need-to-go-to.

For reservations call: 4448 1240

BRB, booking my table for the weekend!