On the hunt to try Doha’s popular independent spas in town, FACT’s Anushay Taimur Khan stumbled across Violletta Beauty Lounge. Her experience was all about that glow and she’s got the details right here…

Violletta is a treasure hideout in the district of Gharraffa where you can make a pit stop for all your beauty needs. When I got the chance to visit the place, I stopped at a villa and couldn’t see how they could have decorated a simple house like this. As soon as I entered, I had arrived at the first Instagram-stop of the day. Victorian era inspired décor on the inside with a very classy entrance that displays all the topnotch products that they have, I loved how the nail treatment room had flower wall paper, giving it the cutest vibe.

After I had taken in the décor, I was escorted to the massage room where Leah, my masseuse for the day introduced me to the Balinese massage. The one-hour long massage is something I consider as my top five massages in Doha. Where I do believe I am an aromatherapy girl, this massage helped me loosen up muscles that were in a knot due to my recent gym routine. From stretching to the smooth movements to relax me for the day, it was an hour of utmost satisfaction for me. Even though the rooms were small, the music, dim lights and ambience was perfect.

Leah convinced me to get a facial right after as she saw a lot of problems with my skin. What I had thought would be a series of scrubs and creams turned out to be oh-so-painful because my skin was experiencing the worst of the Doha weather. I was informed that my dehydrated skin and open pores had given way to blackheads and acne – both of which I detest.

Leah got to work and after a few worthwhile moments of getting my skin clean, the face massages started and a series of products were used. At one point, my skin burned so much that I almost screamed and Leah assured me that it was temporary and for the best. As it turned out, that was the magic X-factor for my skin. As a result, I could see that my tan had become lighter and there was a glorious, visible glow.

Such amazing skin only needed a blow dry to complete the entire look. I was ushered downstairs where I was given a booster for my dry hair and soon after, my blow dry began. The service was quick and my hair dead straight. Now, frizzy girls know that baby hair is the bane of our lives. The expert hair dressers used a straightening iron to give a sleek look and voila! I was ready for my event; fresh, relaxed and glowing!

If you’re looking for a place where you can spend the day and get all your beauty needs focused on, Violletta is the place you need to go to. The staff caters to Arabic clients as well as English so, you will find yourself getting information with any of the experts. ✤