Ramadan is here and as we quarantine-weigh ourselves, eating cleaning and keep fit is all a little bit of a blur. Needless to say, this time has encouraged a few too many ‘cheat’ days and we’ve got the fix for you! GoNuts Qatar’s Afshan, our Keto superhero has a few tips to share…

GoNuts Qatar is the brainchild of Afshan, an expat mum of 4, blogger and an entrepreneur who started her home business of making nut butters ,5 years ago when she couldn’t find affordable healthy snacks for her kids. Afshan is also an advocate of the Keto diet and recommends it to everyone to
try it once for themselves. Currently, she is a partner at the Ideal Diet Café for their keto and vegan division.

Keto during the month of Ramadan is easier than you would expect. If you have always wanted to lose weight, then there is no better time than the month of Ramadan. The ketogenic diet encourages intermittent fasting and fasting during Ramadan is very similar to it. Interestingly, the diet is not new and has existed for ages but has become popular in recent times making it the most trending diet of 2017. The ketogenic diet was introduced to mimic the concept of fasting by modern physicians to treat epilepsy in the 1920s. Along with the weight loss, you are sure to find added benefits like reduced appetite, increased energy, and mental clarity. Practicing Muslim or not, give healthy fasting a try this Ramadan with these tricks!

Plan Your Keto
Plan for the week and prepare keto friendly items you can freeze to break your fast with. Forget your regular samosas and fatayer and think more on the lines of homemade seekh kabab, kofta, almond flour cookies, chicken tikka – we could go on with the options.

One item we would strongly recommend would be making a batch of bone broth that will last you for a week. This is one of the healthiest foods, irrespective of whether you’re on the diet or not due to several benefits it has such as building immunity, fighting inflammation, building muscle to name a few.

Suhoor It Right
Start your fast by eating something that releases energy slowly and keeps you full for longer. Eating carbohydrate-rich foods like rice, khutbas & paratha will have you hungry in 2 hours! Eat an omelette prepared in grass-fed ghee from GONUTS or a bulletproof coffee. Other options include “noatmeal” or, the Greek yoghurt chia pudding topped with some berries and peanut butter as the fibre keeps you satiated for a long time. Another meal that should be regular in your household during Suhoor is the low carb paleo granola in a bowl of Greek yogurt or coconut milk. Delicious and satisfying! Of course, all these items are made by GoNuts Qatar and are found at Ideal Diets – did we just give you your Ramadan menu?

Don’t forget your electrolyte of lemon juice in water with a pinch of pink salt. This ensures you don’t get headaches.

Stay hydrated by having around 3 liters of non-sugary fluids, mainly water, during your non fasting hours.

The Keto-Iftar Delicacies
Make sure to break your fast gently and not feast the minute you hear the sunset call to prayer. Have a big glass of water and make sure you wait a few minutes before coming back to your delicious but keto friendly meal. If you’re having a date to break your fast, dip it in almond butter, we can vouch for this item from GoNuts!

Avoid sweet drinks like fruit punches, rose syrups, a worldwide favourite, if we dare say! Instead, have an avocado or strawberry milkshake prepared with nut butter, cream, water and some keto-friendly or no sweetener.

You are sure to have observed how most of us tend to put on weight during Ramadan rather than losing it, and it is all because of the senseless indulgences during iftar. Focus on your goal and avoid falling off the wagon.

Expert Keto Tips To Last The Fast
Very often you hear people say they feel tired and lethargic the minute they break their fast. This is because of the fried foods that are then either dipped in unhealthy ketchup, sugar syrups and oil. Try having non-carb food – grilled or baked and you’ll be amazed at your energy levels for the rest of the evening. As salt stimulates thirst, we would recommend to not have very spicy or salty foods.

Intermittent fasting has 3 main benefits which are, the reduction of insulin, ketone production and initiation of autophagy, a process for cell renewal.

Don’t forget to work out during your fasting hours. Several studies have proven that muscle gains are heightened when you train in a fasting state.

Have the Precious Golden Paste from GONUTS at least twice a week before fasting to keep your immunity boosted. This is a best seller made of fresh turmeric, ginger, black pepper and coconut oil with a secret ayurvedic recipe.

We promise that that following the keto diet during Ramadan will be more fruitful than you know. If you run out of ideas for preparing keto meals, have no fear as Ideal Diet Café has a state-of-the-art kitchen with well-trained chefs who make the most delicious keto meals. GoNuts got you covered! ✤