Living in Doha, there is nothing better than becoming hooked on the local cuisine. When life has us craving for all things Arabic, we sought the best there is in the city and Alwadi Hotel Doha, MGallery made sure our evening was all about lush food

Dining at Alwadi Hotel Doha, MGallery has always been a favourite for us. With the essence of Qatari hospitality represented in the form of the generosity that has always prevailed in their service style. We couldn’t wait to experience their dining at home.

Our food arrived in fashion with decorative paper boxes that were clearly labelled for us. The lavish meal offers the sharing presentation that we have come to expect from the hotel, and we graciously accepted the order because hey, we miss our restaurant dining experiences after all. Items on the menu included grilled meats and seafood that can be enjoyed in the form of ‘Grand Platters’ ensuring diners sample a selection of the best seared morsels on offer, We were therefore in a real dilemma with our order.

Taking care of those Arabic cravings that we have been having lately, the impressive array of Hummus, Tabbouleh and Fattoush were a bonus to the tantalising regional specialities such as the mixed grill and  kibbeh with pomegranate molasses. The presentation was a revelation and the selection of Hummus adorned with ‘jewels’ and garnishes exemplified this. The starters, including the fried Samosa spinach, meat kebbeh and vegetable spring rolls initially tempted us away from the family-style chicken shawarma, housed in its tender bread and packed full of juiciness. Still, the Shish Barak captured our heart from the moment we opened the box. The aroma had us smacking our lips. The offering was a genuinely spectacular array of the Middle East’s most decadent dishes and we didn’t expect anything short of magnificent from the culinary geniuses at the hotel. Expectations were exceeded with this incredibly flavoursome dish and we’re still thanking the food Gods for this experience.

Dessert came in the form of a luscious date pudding that we oh so graciously topped with lashings of a royally delicious sauce. The dish was spectacularly divine and will remain forever on our ‘must have’ list. A tray of Arabic sweets and baklava are always welcomed and we are still biting on the last few pieces as we type this.

We adore how the essence of the Qatari hospitality at the Alwadi Hotel Doha, MGallery is translated into our home dining experience. We’ve always loved the finest Arabic cuisine and have been privileged to try the offering from this hotel. It feels like we got a taste of local culinary heritage, served with a generous dose of renowned local hospitality. ✤