Coming right out of Ramadan, we needed fancy-comfort meals that we had been craving all day. First stop: W Doha Hotel’s spectacular food.

W Doha Hotel, one of the finest names when it comes to hospitality and dining experiences, has always been a favourite at the FACT office. Whether it is their impeccable services when we’re doing staycations, their quirky little messages, their personalized spa experiences, or their oh-so-popular dining options.

The W2Go menu had been on our list for weeks but we just wanted to be in the give-me-good- vibe mood before we had a chance to be a little part of this experience. We ordered our favourites from the entire menu and just wanted to keep adding to our list, which is a norm for us when it comes to this hotel. Arriving in style in their waistcoats and the now-iconic purple W2Go box, we knew we had the best in the lot with this meal.

La Spiga by Paper Moon

La Spiga, known for their exquisite Italian flavors, always leaves us in a fix. Their various pizza flavours, including the divine Burrata E Melanzane with its heavenly burrata cheese adding to the flavour, has been on top of top pizzas to go-to in town. This time, however, we took it slow and started with the Margherita pizza – a juicy treat to kick off our day. The pizza had a crusty dough and a very traditional tomato base with stringy mozzarella cheese, just enough to tingle with your tastebuds with all that traditional Italian taste. This pizza was a simple yet exciting part of the dinner.

Market by Jean-Georges

W Doha Hotel’s culinary journey and its diverse dining has everyone in town talking about the exemplary unique taste of every restaurant. So we made sure that we took a trip down to the restaurants we miss so much and get a taste of all the restaurants. Similarly, the shrimp salad from Market transpired to be a very colorful and fresh bowl and stood out as the main course by itself. The crispy salad leaves and the succulent shrimps with a combination of its sweet sauce are only known to seafood lovers – real foodie gustos aboard!

Spice Market by Jean-Georges

Our favourite part of our meal would have to be the Asian fusion culinary delight; the Vietnamese Chicken curry. We reveled in the sweet and tangy curry with its moist chicken and tender meat as we knighted it as the table pleaser. We could feel Jean- Georges inspiration from colourful street cuisines and spices of the region. Add rice to the side and a great movie to watch with the family and you’ve got yourself a great family dining experience that you’re not going to forget. You’ve got to be careful as you enjoy this as you might be biting into hot chillies!

W2GO has a varied menu to skim through and one which is not likely to disappoint! They’ve added the WeTox menu to their list because they know that quarantine comes with weight-gain tales so you’ve got yourself your healthy fix too! We’re honestly thinking of a WeTox session after all the food we have been consuming lately. Using W Doha Hotel’s restaurants wisely is the right way ToGo for us! ✤