The Perfect Getaway

AMS discovered natural beauty coupled with the epitome of luxury on a visit to Sealine Beach.

Walking into Sealine Beach, a Murwab Resort, we were immediately taken by the sheer elegance of the space. The lobby gleamed with polished marble floors, reflecting the stunning blue and clear glass light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. Plush seating in soft beige tones was complemented by vibrant floral arrangements that added a burst of colour and freshness.

Elegant Accommodation

We were warmly greeted by James, a hotel veteran of more than 20 years, who promptly showed us to our Standard King room. Our accommodation perfectly encapsulated the luxury of beachside living. The décor was elegant, featuring soothing neutral tones that created a calm and inviting atmosphere. The king-sized bed, adorned with plush pillows and crisp linens, was the centrepiece, promising a restful night’s sleep.

The 36sq/m footprint offered an incredible amount of space to unpack. Large windows allowed natural light to flood the space, leading to our private balcony with breathtaking views of the lush gardens and beach beyond. Every detail, from the soft lighting to the stylish accents, contributed to a sense of understated elegance.

It’s worth noting that the resort offers eight accommodation options to suit different preferences, from standard rooms with stunning garden and beach views and spacious Murwab Suites ideal for families, all the way up to the opulent Royal Villas, each with private patios or direct beach access.

Afternoon Treats

With our suitcases emptied, we were invited to Al Odaid restaurant for afternoon refreshments. We started with creamy hummus, its smooth texture perfectly balanced with a hint of tanginess, and moutabel, rich and smoky, bringing an earthy depth to our palates. The kibbeh, crispy on the outside and tender within, was a hearty treat, while the chicken wings were succulent, seasoned to perfection, and offered a satisfying bite. Accompanying these dishes was a selection of fresh, warm bread, its aroma filling the room. We concluded with Umm Ali, a warm, comforting dessert infused with the delicate essence of cinnamon and vanilla. The service throughout was impeccable, with Hani leading an attentive staff who anticipated our every need.

An Idyllic Evening

As the evening approached, we were treated to a romantic dinner on the beach. A table was arranged with a heartshaped decoration, surrounded by twinkling lights that cast a romantic glow over the sands. Our personalised menus featured exquisite dishes, starting with arancini. These crispy, golden balls revealed a fluffy, savoury centre that was an absolute delight. The chicken soup that followed was hearty and flavourful, warming us from the inside out.

For the main course, we savoured enormous tenderloins, cooked to perfection and beautifully seasoned. The steaks were accompanied by a medley of fresh vegetables and creamy mashed potatoes, each bite a testament to the chef’s skill and attention to detail. This memorable meal concluded our first day, leaving us thoroughly satisfied and enchanted by the experience.

Morning Beachfront Stroll

The next day, we awoke to a buffet breakfast that included our choice of eggs—we chose eggs Benedict—a selection of cheeses, breads, cooked items and vibrant salads, all accompanied by a range of beverages.

However, we couldn’t wait to explore outside. Beyond our dining room lay lush gardens, a vibrant oasis with swaying palm trees. Also, a stunning beach with private cabanas, offering seclusion and luxury. In the gardens, staff were setting up inflatable bouncy castles for families to enjoy as well as padel and other activities. An Olympic-sized swimming pool surrounded by sunbeds was on the right side of the property, while a shallower children’s pool was on the left. We discovered two outdoor dining options: La Merenda, an Italian restaurant, and Reef Burger. The Edge, right on the beach, served fresh beverages and hookah, providing options for all age groups.

Rejuvenating Activities

We decided to work off some more calories with a visit to the resort’s state-of-the-art gym. The space was a fitness enthusiast’s dream, boasting an impressive selection of free weights, cutting-edge machines and a variety of cardio equipment. The atmosphere was invigorating, with natural light pouring through large windows, creating a motivating environment to work out.

Following our exercise session, we indulged in some relaxation at the steam room. The warm, enveloping steam was a perfect antidote to our workout. Next, we treated ourselves to a massage in the dedicated room, where our skilled therapist worked her magic, easing our muscles and providing a deep sense of tranquillity and relaxation.

A Sumptuous Brunch

After a few hours of relaxation, we made our way to the brunch at Al Odaid, eager to sample what was on offer. The spread was an impressive array of cold starters, hearty mains and delectable desserts. We began with a selection of traditional cold mezze, including creamy hummus, smoky moutabel, and tangy tabbouleh, each bite bursting with authentic flavours. Crispy spring rolls added a delightful crunch to our palates.

For the main course, we enjoyed perfectly grilled kingfish, its smoky aroma and tender flesh tantalising our taste buds. The rotisserie chicken was succulent and juicy, complemented by creamy beef stroganoff, roasted potatoes, with a crispy exterior and fluffy interior, and a medley of steamed vegetables, all cooked to perfection. Dessert was a sweet finale, featuring Umm Ali, a warm, comforting pudding laced with cinnamon and nuts, and a selection of delicate, honey-drenched Baklava.

Adding to the lively atmosphere, an acoustic guitarist entertained us with renditions of favourite Arabic songs, quickly getting patrons on their feet with his lively and exciting performance. Throughout the meal, the servers were incredibly attentive, promptly clearing dishes and ensuring our glasses were never empty. Their impeccable service added to the event, making it both relaxing and indulgent.

Afternoon Relaxation

After our delightful brunch, we decided to head back to the beach. The rhythmic sound of the waves provided a soothing backdrop as some guests enjoyed water sports while others splashed in the water with their children. As we took in the views, we couldn’t help but fall asleep, drifting off to the sound of the sea.

Dinner at La Merenda

After a relaxing afternoon, we looked forward to dinner at La Merenda. The restaurant’s vibrant Italian colours created a lively atmosphere with bright reds, whites and greens.

We began with a creamy burrata, perfectly paired with fresh tomatoes and basil. Next, we enjoyed two pizzas – Funghi with a medley of mushrooms and Picante with spicy beef pepperoni. The crisp, thin crust and balanced toppings were amazing. The Spaghetti Carbonara, rich with parmesan cheese and beef bacon, was indulgent. Dessert was a silky Matcha Panna Cotta, the perfect end to our meal. We then retired to our balcony to enjoy the sea view and gentle breeze.

Our last indulgence

In the morning, we enjoyed one final lavish breakfast before making our way to the beach. It was there that we had a chance to reflect on our stay. In short, the elegant accommodation, exceptional dining, breathtaking scenery and first-class amenities all combined to create a seaside paradise. Whether lounging in the pristine private cabanas, indulging in the food or simply soaking in the natural beauty, every moment felt like the epitome of luxury and relaxation. What made the experience truly special was the warm and attentive service from the staff who ensured our needs were exceeded at every turn. The resort is a true gem that perfectly blends modern amenities with the stunning natural beauty of the Arabian Gulf. It is a place where guests can escape, unwind and reset. ✤