The Westin Doha Hotel & Spa is known for its excellent treatments and pampering sessions. FACT’s Anushay Taimur Khan gave in to the word through the grapevine and booked herself into the award-winning Heavenly Spa…

Is there really anyone in the city who has not heard of Heavenly Spa at The Westin Doha Hotel & Spa? I’ve been asked numerous times about my views on this place and embarrassingly enough, I never had anything to say – I’ve never had the opportunity to try their services. Well, 2020 is all about new things to try and so, I booked myself in for the acclaimed Heavenly Spa Massage and the newly-popular Oxygen Facial – a package fit for a queen!

The soothing sensation relaxes you instantly from the moment you start your journey towards the spa. Lush greenery with waterfall walls and lined pebbles take you up to the entrance of the spa where a sense of tranquillity has already taken over my senses. The expert team ushers me towards a locker as they explain the entire ritual and leave me at the relaxation area to sip on some chamomile tea – imagine, the best is yet to come!

My therapist escorted me to the treatment room, making sure that the serenity of the spa is matched by different aspects in the room; from the music to the lighting and the preparation of the foot scrub to start the massage.

To say that this experience was extravagant would be a word too small for what I was exposed to. The rhythmic movements of the masseuse instantly put me in a state of contentment as I endured the pain of the muscle knots loosening. The Heavenly Spa’s focus on wellbeing and energy renewal comes out in true meaning during the spa journey that you embark on. A leisurely 50 minutes later, I felt as if the stress of the buzzing city life had finally left my body and I prepped for my oxygen facial.

The oxygen facial promises to make your skin look younger and is usually aimed at skin with wrinkles and lines. A trend that was started by celebrities and is loved by everyone, Qatar was not behind in adapting to the beauty industry’s latest fad and this facial has been amongst the most popular treatments around town for a while now. Even though this was not the first time I was getting the oxygen facial, it was still news for me to learn about the newly formed lines on my face. As Emily, my therapist focused on everything that she could see from her microscopic vision, I experienced the oxygen via a machine that I can only describe as ice-cold wind on my face. The reason it is this way is because it is supposed to improve collagen and make the skin look plumper. Emily informed me that the high-pressured oxygen was infused with vitamins and minerals to give the desired effects.

Now, I did not mind the cold oxygen at all since I came out of it looking as ripe as a fresh strawberry! It is believed that the effects last up to two weeks after the facial and this just gave me the chance to go makeup free during the winter season, flaunting the perfect flushed look that I absolutely love.

Heavenly Spa stays true to its name considering the facilities and expert team that it has. Living up to their reputation of being ‘heavenly’ – my experience was an apt one – nothing short of paradise. With my body relaxed and the perfect skin that I was now gifted, I was ready to take on the Doha bustle after two hours of pure bliss! ✤