TSS launches the region’s first Arab / Khaleeji / Western music Top 50

The Social Studio, one of Qatar’s leading live event brands, has just launched the region’s first and only Arabic and Western integrated music chart. Called TSS Top 50, the chart is unique, curating music that is truly relevant to and reflective of a localised audience.

The brand has created Qatar’s own barometer of the most popular, chart-topping songs for the region and the planet. Every week on a Monday, TSS releases the Top 50 list that mixes the biggest and best Arab and Khaleeji hits for the past week, together with the Western world’s chart-smashing songs from the previous seven days.

Music fans can visit the website https://thesocialstudio.me/ tss-top-50/ or follow the chart on Instagram. By compiling this completely unique amalgamation, TSS TOP 50 reflects what audiences are listening to right here, right now. The brand experience also includes Artist Spotlights, music and comedy news of the week, pop-quiz polls and unique compilation videos. The Social Studio is a cultural powerhouse based in Doha. The brand has brought large-scale events to Qatar since 2015. With the annual Doha Comedy Festival, they’ve been making expats and locals laugh out loud for more than five years, hosting comedy superstar Trevor Noah here in 2018 and 2019.

TSS aims to evolve new perspectives for the nation. They’ve helped grow the profile of Qatar as a cultural destination by creating safe environments for locals to enjoy progressive entertainment and introducing groundbreaking acts like Chainsmokers and Marshmello to Qatar through an understanding of cultural nuances and respect for social sensibilities.

The Social Studio is constantly pursuing new ways to create and curate cultural experiences in Qatar by developing innovative concepts and event programming for major sporting and cultural events. ✤