Drawn from the waters of the Caspian Sea, UGA Caviar brings people with fine taste together and immerses them in an exclusive atmosphere.

Blending rich tradition with modern opulence, Qatar offers an exclusive experience. In keeping with this style is a new concept, UGA Caviar. It all started when a foodie and a socialiser met at a caviar night. One was admiring the taste and the other, the ambience but they both agreed on one thing: caviar must be at the centre of every event. Marrying the two ideas, the duo created this artisanal brand.

UGA offers two varieties. Reserved for lovers of excellence, Imperial Beluga is made up of carefully selected large grains with thin skin and a firm texture. They’re creamy but have explosive flavours, delivering amazing results. Baeri Caviar has a pure flavour that takes you on a nutty, briny journey. Derived from the Serbian Sturgeon, which gives the eggs their unique characteristics, they’re smaller in size and darker in colour with a very delicate texture.

Sourced from the best farms in Iran, UGA offers consistency in taste and continuity in supply. You can expect nothing but the freshest, safest and tastiest product. Further, they have an UGA Quality Control Officer stationed at the farms to conduct all the necessary trials before packaging.

UGA offer swift delivery. It takes less than two weeks to restock your shelves. UGA also cater to hotels, restaurants, private jet operators, shops and supermarkets – who they call their partners. Further, they’re open to collaborations so, if you’re a chef, restaurant owner or event planner, hit them up!

Caviar Buzz

UGA offers flawless event services under the umbrella of Caviar Buzz. With an amazing chef and team, they are bringing back the excitement of hosting, delivering exceptional entertainment and unforgettable experiences. Caviar Buzz offerings include:

The Specialist – Your choice of UGA Caviar, sour cream and toasted bread or blinis served on a display stand.

The Connoisseur – Your choice of UGA Caviar, served with white and yellow eggs, sour cream, shallots, chives, lemon wedges, cucumber, butter and toasted bread or blinis. You can also have a live bar display, fully equipped with personalised service from an expert.

Additional offerings include dry ice for shows and waiter services. Stay on the lookout for their distinct tasting sessions near you! ✤