Here is a closer look at how Qatar used the talabat app in 2020

  • Chicken-based meals were popular during lockdown.
  • Aseer Time’s ‘The legend’ is officially the favourite milkshake in Qatar.
  • The most expensive late night order was truly heart-warming

The region-leading food and grocery delivery app, talabat, has compiled a list of some of their Qatar-based customer’s best, weirdest, and wonderful ordering habits of the year. 2020 has been a year that we don’t want to repeat – however that doesn’t mean that we can’t find fun in some of how we’ve used talabat!

Lockdown: The Golden Arches saw many of us through lockdown.

It’s official, McDonald’s is well-loved in Qatar. The number one spot on the list went to the McChicken Meal, while the Spicy McChicken came close behind. In fact, chicken-based meals were a constant theme throughout favourite lockdown meals.

But first, Coffee: A big rise in coffee deliveries indicate an unbreakable passion for coffee

It seemed that amongst the many changes we’ve seen in our day-to-day lives this year, coffee continued to be a part of our daily lives – even during lockdown. With most significant increase in orders from cafe’s between the start of the year and now, Qatar-based customers stood out as big fans of caffeine amongst other markets in the region!

‘The legend’ lives up to its name.

We’ve got a lot of interesting drinks in Qatar, and most are on talabat. Voting with their wallets, customers stats show that Aseer Time’s ‘The Legend’ comes out on top – with more orders than the second placed milkshake flavour!

Aseer Time’s milkshakes had a virtual mortgage over the top milkshake flavours in Qatar, taking out six out of the top ten! Just as an FYI, Cerelac, Fashkal Bobo, Oreo, Kinder and Lotus round up Aseer Time’s other flavours in the top ten.

From the heart-warming files, late night ordering shows Qatar’s true generosity.

Generally when customers order late night, desserts, treats, and chicken nuggets come to the front of mind.

What isn’t particularly associated with late night orders, definitely on a food delivery app, is charity donations. This year’s biggest late night order is truly heart-warming: one talabat customer ordered 16 packages of aid for Lebanon – ranging from food, medical, and shelter/home restoration. In fact, talabat presented their customers the opportunity to support a range of causes this year through the app, and the response has been phenomenal.