Swiss luxury watch maker TAG Heuer’s much-loved Carrera turns 60 this year and to mark the occasion, the manufacturer has launched a Hollywood action-comedy.

Starring TAG Heuer brand ambassador Ryan Gosling and Vanessa Bayer, the offbeat chase thriller sees Gosling on the run from Bayer’s Prop Master as she attempts to take his beloved TAG Heuer Carrera off his wrist – something he doesn’t plan on letting her do.

Produced by David Leitch’s 87 North – responsible for some of the most iconic action films of the last decade, from John Wick to Deadpool 2 – and directed by Nash Edgerton (Mr Inbetween), Gosling shot The Chase for Carrera while working with Leitch on feature The Fall Guy in Australia.

The film sees Gosling and Bayer battle it out in high-octane style, as everything from iconic sports cars to heavy-duty trucks to electric production buggies are raced through various movie sets in a spectacle of blockbuster proportions. In a knowing nod to its film-within-a-film setup, Leitch plays himself as the on-screen director. It’s a fitting celebration of an iconic timepiece that was born of the racetrack when it was first created in 1963 by TAG Heuer’s legendary former CEO Jack Heuer.

Named after the notoriously dangerous Carrera Panamericana race, it was designed with readability and simplicity in mind, vital for drivers navigating high-speed bends. The result was an icon – elegant and uncluttered, sporty and daring – that spoke to Heuer’s love of midcentury design yet remains timeless six decades on.

What better way, then, to celebrate its 60th year than with a world-first action extravaganza that few would even think possible? The film even comes with its own Hollywood posters and timeless taglines. ‘How bad does he want that watch?’ reads one. Answer: badly!

Just as the word Carrera itself doesn’t have a single meaning – along with race, it can also be translated as career or simply path, the perfect name not just for the daring, but simply for those with independent spirits – so the film, too, contains multitudes.

Not only does it manage to be many movies in one – going from adrenaline-fuelled chase film to slapstick comedy to mob drama to Western parody and back again – this mini blockbuster contains a range of easter eggs, each one a nod to the Carrera’s illustrious past – catch the movie for yourself to see if you can spot them.

The iteration of the Carrera that Gosling is desperate to keep hold of is the new TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph. Topped with a ‘glassbox’, a sapphire crystal dome that flows seamlessly over the tachymeter scale that runs around the dial edge and into the case, it comes in a stunning signature blue dial on a blue calfskin leather strap. An icon never looked so modern – and no wonder Gosling is not about to give it up easily. This is one timepiece worth putting your foot down for – literally. Bayer’s Prop Master, meanwhile, is wearing the new TAG Heuer Carrera 36mm in pink. ✤